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As the 2016 applicant cycle draws to a close, it would be really nice if successful applicants would consider uploading your personal statement to the library for future applicants to read. I don't know about you, but I found it really helpful to read through some other applicants' work when I was doing mine.

If you're interested, you'll need to go to this page and scroll down to where it says 'PS Uploader' (a little green box). Here, you'll need to enter the name of the page you want to create. Please submit everything under 'veterinary science' rather than 'veterinary medicine'. Yes, I know they're the same, but everything so far has been put under science, so it would be nice to keep everything organised! We currently have 29 statements in the library, so the next title should be 'Veterinary Science 30'. If the wiki tells you that a the page you're trying to create already exists, choose the next number up.

From there, delete all of the code in the text box, and copy and paste this back in:

[[TSR Wiki]] > [[University]] > [[Applying to University]] > [[Personal Statement Library]] > '''Veterinary Medicine XX'''

== (Username)'s Veterinary Medicine Personal Statement==

(Paste your personal statement here)

===Universities Applied to:===

<!-- Please replace the following bullet points with details of universities applied to -->

*Uni (Veterinary Medicine) - Offer/Rejection (AAA) - Firm
*Uni (Veterinary Medicine) - Offer/Rejection (AAA) - Insurance
*Uni (Veterinary Medicine) - Offer/Rejection (AAA)
*Uni (Veterinary Medicine) - Offer/Rejection (AAA)
*Uni (Course) - Offer/Rejection (ABB)

===Grades Predicted (on UCAS):===

*Biology (A2) - A
*Chemistry (A2) - A
*Subject (A2) - A

===Grades Achieved:===

*Biology (A2) - A
*Chemistry (A2) - A
*Subject (A2) - A
*Subject (AS) - A

===Work Experience:===

Feel free to list your work experience here.


===General Comments:===

===Comments on the statement:===

Feel free to put any other comments here

[[Category:Veterinary Science Personal Statements|Veterinary Science 0XX]]
[[Category:Medicine, Health and Life/Biosciences Personal Statements|Veterinary Science 0XX]]

All bits in red will need editing, but don't touch anything in black! Where there is 'XX' replace this with the number that your PS is in the library (i.e. 30 if you're the next person to upload after this post goes up).

Don't feel pressured to include any information that you don't want to! This is all totally optional, a favour to future applicants. Don't feel at all obliged to include your username in there either, I just put that there in case anyone reading it wants to directly ask any questions about it.

Almost done! Now, the category codes at the bottom mean that these will show up in the main vet PS library. If you want your work to show up in the library for each vet university that you applied, copy and paste some of these codes at the bottom, remembering to replace XX with your number. It would help future applicants to know what each university is looking for.


[[Category:Royal Veterinary College Personal Statements|Veterinary Science 0XX]]
[[Category:Liverpool Personal Statements|Veterinary Science 0XX]]
[[Category:Bristol Personal Statements|Veterinary Science 0XX]]
[[Categorydinburgh Personal Statements|Veterinary Science 0XX]]
[[Category:Glasgow Personal Statements|Veterinary Science 0XX]]
[[Category:Nottingham Personal Statements|Veterinary Science 0XX]]
[[Categoryurrey Personal Statements|Veterinary Science 0XX]]
[[Category:Cambridge Personal Statements|Veterinary Science 0XX]]

That should be it! If you can't figure it out, no worries, I can do it for you or help to fix up your page if you drop me a PM

No pressure to do it or anything, I understand your PS was your own work and that you might now want to share it. It would be a nice gesture for the future applicants is all.


2017 (and beyond...) people, here's some personal statement resources that might be helpful to you!

Personal Statement Guide - Excellent advice from one of our PS Helpers.
Personal Statement Builder - A simple tool from TSR to help get you started.
Personal Statement Library - A collection of personal statements from successful applicants.
Personal Statement FAQs - General advice about how to write your personal statement.
Personal Statement Review - Courtesy of Applying To Vet School, have a current vet student critique your work.
How to write a personal statement - A Guardian article addressing some common mistakes.
Personal Statement Advice - Some very basic information from Which? University.
So You Want to be a Vet? Worksheet - Printable document for you to draft some ideas.
Little Tail Chaser
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As the 2016 cycle draws to a close, I'm just going to bump this in case any of this years' cycle of vet applicants want to contribute

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