Computer Games Arts students wanted! (For questioning :P)

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I'm nowhere near being even remotely close to going to Uni (I haven't even done my GCSEs yet), but I believe that this is the course I would do most love to do. I researched into different courses but this course really seems like it could be the one.

I guess I just want to meet people who are doing this course and just see what you guys think of it, and what sort of things you get up to. I made a little list of preset questions, although you don't have to answer all of them. Feedback is greatly appreciated

1. Out of 10, how good would you rate the course in terms of the subject matter, structure, and atmosphere?
2. What sort of things do you do on this course? Do you do concept art? Animation? 3D modelling?
3. What is your favourite thing about the course?
4. What would you recommend to be a good thing to study before applying for this course (e.g: Do you need to know advanced computer programming? Or just be really good at drawing human figures)?
5. How would you describe your experience at UCA Farnham so far as a whole? Do you like the socials aspects? The accommodation? The work?

Thanks again! - Rin
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Hi, so im guessing that your thinking of doing computer games arts( at UCA Farnham campus)?

I went to to one of uca' farnham open days earlier this yr exactly for the same course, I can say that this course certainly involves 3D modelling and scripting , but because it is more orientated to games more, i think there's some aspects that is slightly touched on more that others ( like animation, but im not sure) but also focuses on the things like concept art. The lecture showed us the programs they used e.g like Zbrush, Maya etc. if you are wanting to try out/build a portfolio I'd recommend using 'Sculptris' as its free.

For this course you dont need to know computer programming as thats a different course(like computer games programming),
What could be usufull is showing that you are good life-drawing as that is part of games concept design.(And also include some 3d work too) When i brought my portfolio in, the lecturer said that they didnt feel that through my work that I would be efficient in this cour5s and so offered me a alternative to improve my artistic skills.

Id also recommend going to an open day, to see more what the course involves, hope this helps

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