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Past papers from Nottingham UK Campus

Hey all!

I am a second year Chemical Engineering student at Nottingham Malaysia Campus. Is there anyone here who could send me past papers from UK campus for the modules below?

Chemical and Phase Equilibra (H82CPE)
Environmental Protection (H8BENP)
Plant Design (H82PLD)
Particle Mechanics (H8BPME)
Probabilistic and Numerical Methods for Engineers (HGBMPN)
Engineering Management and Accounting (H8BEMA)

Also I could give Malaysia campus past papers to anyone interested.

Thanks in advance,
Cant's you just log onto the portal and get them that way?
Students on campus, Nottingham University
University of Nottingham
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You should be able to get them from and logging in with your username and password. You're not really supposed to send them to people who don't have a login, as it defies the point of passwording it in the first place.
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Hey thanks a lot guys!!! I downloaded all the papers I wanted.
but the funny part was I was able to download without using my username or password. And I have also tried to download UK papers last year using this same website but I was not able to do so because my Malaysia Campus Username and password didn't work for that.
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Are you using the University network in Malaysia? Because they may have it set up so that you don't need a username and password - you only need them from outside the network here.
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Oh yeah!! I was logged in from the Uni network in Malaysia. Anyway thatnks for all the help guys!!