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Have you heard of quidditch? Does the idea of participating in a coed full contact sport appeal to you? Well, look no further because the Tremough Quidditch Club, home of the Falmouth Falcons, is looking to recruit you!

Quidditch is an amazingly fun sport which is growing in popularity. The Falmouth Falcons in the last year have competed in Edinburgh, at the Southern Cup, the British Quidditch Cup, and the European Quidditch Cup. We like to make sure we get out there in the UK quidditch scene and beyond always representing Cornwall.

We're all about having fun and making an impression on and off the field. Why not head over to our Facebook group and get to know us! Ask us any questions you have!

Here are some answers to questions we think you might have;

How do you play?
I'mma leave this handy video here

That looks pretty dangerous... do you guys know how to train us properly?
Yes! We make sure you have correct and more importantly SAFE contact training so that you know how to play without injuring yourself or others.

Quidditch? Seriously... that's not a proper sport is it?
I can understand the hesitation or incredulity. We're talking about a made up sport from a children's book, but y'know, all sports had to have started somewhere so what's wrong with taking something that looks as fun as quidditch and turning it into a game we can actually play? We train just as hard as say the Rugby Club, or American Football. And we definitely go to a lot of tournaments... sometimes more than other clubs.

How official is quidditch in the UK?
We have a National Governing Body, QuidditchUK, and almost 30 teams from St Andrews all the way down to us in Cornwall. On top of that there is the International Quidditch Association and a whole bunch of regional and national teams throughout the world. We're pretty official

I hear what you're saying and it sounds interesting, but can I play even though I've never read/watched Harry Potter?
Yes, of course you can. We accept all people, all genders, all everyone. No one will judge you if you don't know a Bowtruckle from a Thestral.

If we haven't convinced you with this post then you should definitely come along to our Fresher's events (see your FXU fresher's brochure when you get it) and get to know us and learn more about quidditch and the Falmouth Falcons.

I look forward to seeing some of you in a month!


p.s. Here is a video someone put together of the Highlander Cup in Edinburgh last year. We have been invited to attend Highlander III and are very excited. We would love some of our new Fresher's to join us on the trip as we had an amazing time last year!

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