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The Official IB Predicted/Expected/Got Grades Thread watch


    (Original post by kildare)
    You couldn't have just made Warwick your insurance?
    I didnt feel certain I would meet the offer.

    I was predicted 34 and Warwick didn't even bother making me an offer *sniffs*
    I'm watching these threads with slighty greenish eyes- you know what i mean :rolleyes:

    Turkish A1 HL 6/5
    English A2 HL 6/5
    Economics HL 5/5
    Biology SL 6/5
    Social Sciences SL 6/5
    Maths 4/4

    Extra 1/3


    Turkish/English/Social are the subjects which I'm strongest at and the results have really have given me a slight shock. But on the other hand extras were higher than I thought. The mere thing that makes me proud in IB results that I have an A in Turkish A1 Extended Essay.

    Btw I have to say that being one of the 3 students (out of 63) amongst IB's in my school that actually "care" about the diploma (because 60 of them are going to US) was challenging -you know going against the flow.

    Then the curves are that high because of you nordic nerds (wow that's some alliteration)

    But anyway, it's for the better i guess. I'm gonna study "Political Science" in Bham after all; the other offer was "Italian and Politics" in Bath.
    Definetely agree; mocks were a lot better..

    just looked at my grades for the individual things, you know p1,p2, IA...anyway i wish that it wasn't so expensive to send after the tests, cause i would really like to see them. is anyone going to do that, see the exams i mean?

    (Original post by Catharsis)
    Definetely agree; mocks were a lot better..
    before the exams there were some people in my class that discussed the different results at mpcks and finals and came to the conclusion that it's all about luck. mainly cause there is a lot to learn and you are lucky if the area you know best come at the test. i agree with this to a certain point, cause in some subjects everything "stick" togheter so if you have learned the basic it is easier to understnad the rest.

    Man, I can't believe it's all over... I ended up with 41 points, not bad. Congratulations to all of u who passed I hope u guys get into the Uni that u wanted, and all that ******** that people say... Anyways, have an awesome summer. Take care!
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