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So for a long time I wanted to be a vet. I've done about 10 days work experience in various practices and on farms, and I'm a volunteer dog walker. However, I recently decided after more research that perhaps it isn't the career for me (for various reasons), and after my exams I was certain I wouldn't get the grades needed anyway so I began looking into other courses with lower entry requirements. But then I got my AS results last week and I was suprised to find I got A's in biology, maths and psychology and a B in chemistry (but I know I can bring that up to an A next year!) which got me thinking that maybe I am good enough to apply for better courses. Although I've pretty much decided that I don't want to be a vet, I'm still interested in doing some kind of healthcare profession and my friend suggested that I might be suited to dentistry. I've looked into it (and I have attended a few talks on it at college when they were combined with vet med and medicine talks) and it sounds like something I really would like to do. The problem is, because I had really never considered it until now (it was always vet med or something like pharmaceutical chemistry) I haven't organised any work experience or prepared for the UKCAT test (veterinary uses the BMAT). The questions I'm asking are: is it too late to try to organise experience, or will the places already be gone? if I struggle with getting experience organised, will the minimum of 10 days/2 weeks be enough? can I count or at least use in my favour alongside 10 days in dentistry my veterinary experience, seeing as I've seen things like consultations (some which concerned teeth) and surgery, dealt with medication and am familiar with safety, cleaning/steralising and general good practice protocols? is it too late to prepare for the ukcat? when do people usually start to prepare for it? Answers to any of these questioms would be very helpful!
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Dentistry is incredibly competitive and generally requires AAA including chemistry plus I'd imagine it's too late to get work experience unless you know someone. There are some universities that don't require an A in chemistry, though, which is worth noting.

You can get a decent score on the UKCAT with a few weeks practice (I don't think it's too late to book it, although I might me mistaken.) I highly recommend using Medify's website for practice rather than buying a book (get either 2 or 3 weeks in my opinion and practice like hell.) I would say the UKCAT is generally less straight forward than the BMAT in the questions.

If you're committed to health care, why not take a gap year to get some work experience (and if you really want dentistry resit the chemistry exams.)

There's always: radiography, nursing, occupational health, physiotherapy... etc etc

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