How do I improve my English language grade for retake?

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My grade for English language was an C. Despite the fact my literature grade was an A, my history an A* and RS an A*. This obviously shows that I'm able to communicate well using English. Honestly I don't know were I went wrong.

If it's possible I will retake, but I don't know how to improve my grade because I have no feedback whatsoever. I don't know my coursework grade (I think it's a B) and I was not shown any marks (neither raw nor ums marks) so I don't know how well I did. I have no feedback on what went wrong at all. My family doesn't exactly have a lot of money, and I really wouldn't like to ask my mum to pay to see scripts and all. I already feel guilty to ask for a remark.

I always thought English was a tricky subject to improve on, with maths and science there is pretty much a wrong and right answer which helps. How do they expect me to improve with no sense of direction or feedback? I'm completely lost as how to improve, I was quite confident this earlier this year with me getting A* but now the last ounce of confidence I had has diminished.

I feel like I am illiterate. What can I do to improve? I honestly don't know, I'm scared I'll be trapped at a C grade... Is it Just passed papers? unfortunately I'm doing a new kind of CIE paper which the last question has slightly changed so I'm also confused but that part.

Sorry this is so long. Please get back to me soon, I'm beyond desperation.
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Speak to your teachers about what you need for a remark? Look online on how to answer English Language papers and see what you did but you didn't.

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