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So where else did you apply?

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I'm on a gap year and so far have unconditional offers for Oxford, Bristol, Durham, Leeds and Newcastle for Law - waiting on Warwick.

Last year I applied for English to Oxford, Bristol, Leeds, York, Durham and Manchester and only received offers from Bristol (AAA) and Leeds (AAB).

Hope this helps! :smile:
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I only applied for Oxford and Imperial as I did not know better about the application process..... Offers for both.
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I'm an unsuccessful Cambridge applicant.
I got offers from St. Andrews, KCL and Sheffield.
I got rejected from Durham and Cambridge.
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Oxford, Durham, York and Warwick for PPE.

Bristol and Cardiff for Politics and Philosophy.

Offers from all, though Warwick was a bit of a waste as I never wanted to go there, (I've lived and gone to school in Warwick for 7 years, so fancied something a little further from home!).
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Offer for History at Cambridge.
Offers for History & Politics at Aberystwyth, Exeter, Manchester and Warwick.
Short list for Government & History at LSE.
loving the chelsea flag firstly!

i applied to and was given offers by east anglia, queens and manchester
i was rejected by durham
still haven't heard from warwick

if i was applying again i would have not applied to east anglia and applied to kings instead though.

what are you hoping to study?:smile:

Heehee. Thanks! :tsr2:
I’ve repped you for just being nice. :biggrin:

At the moment, I want to do Maths, though I really can't decide between that and Economics.

Well done on your offer! :smile:
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Heehee. Thanks! :tsr2:
I’ve repped you for just being nice. :biggrin:

At the moment, I want to do Maths, though I really can't decide between that and Economics.

Well done on your offer! :smile:

thank you! :smile:

if you end up applying to oxford you can always ask me if you need any help or advice (i need to make my offer though, real worried about that!)

economics and management is an option at oxford, though it is FIERCELY competitive, i remember when i was at interview you could just see all the E&M people sizing eachother up.

oh and i got a warwick offer today so thats my whole ucas journey finished, and only durham made my enemy list!lol
All my offers were for a Chemistry joint schools (eg Chemistry and Law, Chemistry and Management, etc, except for Pure Chemistry at Oxford)

St Johns, Oxford - AAA
Warwick - AABb
Imperial - ABB
Bath - ABB

and Bristol are still faffing around!
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All for History.

Unconditional offers from: Cambridge, York & Newcastle.
Withdrew my application from: Durham, Bristol & Warwick (i'd already got my Cambridge offer and wasn't fussed what their decision was).
Offers from Warwick, Sheffield, Manchester, Cardiff and Southampton for History and Politics.
Offer: Cambridge / York / Bath / Nottingham / Cardiff
Rejected: Durham
#go away# Lol!
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Cambridge AAAE (firm)

Newcastle BBC (insurance)

Edinburgh ABB or something

KCL similar to Edinbrugh though don't know why I applied cos I wouldn't want to be in London, too big!

Liverpool- withdrew as already had offers from firm and insurance

Manchester- withdrew, they wanted an interview but already had Cam offer!

Cambridge, Leeds, Sheffield, York, Durham and Nottingham for philosophy. Had offers from all except Durham, which I wasn't too fussed about anyway - I liked York better.

For some reason, my head of year thought it was hilarious that Cam accepted me and Durham rejected me... She's a strange entity. :p:
Oxford - Accepted AAA (in third year)
York - Accepted AAB
Warwick - Accepted AABb (As-further maths)
Durham - REJECTED (no interview)
i got offers from leeds, liverpool, birmingham, oxford and durham; hated manchester so i withdrew from that one. but durham want AAA so i can't have them as insurance and i really liked durham :frown:
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offers from manchester, birmingham, UEA, Bath, Durham, Cam.
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See sig :P
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Hmm, it seems a lot of people were rejected by Durham. So was I! However, I didn't care too much. I'm very happy with Oxford. :redface:
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Besides Oxford,

Imperial, Durham, Bristol, Warwick, UCL

All offers.
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Applied for geography.
Rejection from Cambridge
Offers from Bristol (AAB), Exeter (ACC), Sussex (BBB), St.Andrews (ABB)
Still waiting for Durham