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Double Maitrise!!!

OK so... i need to hear from other people embarking on this scary and dangerous journey. I am officially freaking french is sounding wayyyy too english to me. Anyone out there about to study or studying the double maitrise got any thoughts? just thought WE should get a forum too!
I doubt, due to the incredibly small amount of people doing the DM, that you'll fine another on this forum. However, I'm hopefully going to be studying law next year, and I can (kind of) speak french! What college will you be going to?
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I really don't want to scare you, but I know two people in my college, first year studying the Double Maitrise. Both of them come from French-speaking countries - one is from Mauritius, and the other is from France.

That's about all I know about the Double Maitrise?!
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i have an offer from King's College. oh dear french speaking you say? well i know where i'm gonna be spending my summer now!!!!
my best friend in college is doing the DM (she's in France now, i miss her to pieces) but she's just from Norfolk, not anywhere french speaking, but i'm sure that spending a while in France will help!

this is their website:
i'm sure that if you have any questions, someone there will be able to help!
otehrwise i can pass on questions to my friend :smile:
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thanks scarlet! i was just wondering what the workload is like. did your best friend look stressed out, lose weight, that kinda thing? lol
well, she is a VERY hard worker. like the most driven person i know. i wont lie and say its easy, but she seemed to thrive on it. :smile:
and she did have fun too.

the paris part of the course seems to be even more tough tho!
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:mad: thanks, i have a slight problem with that whole driven thing but i suppose i'll have to work on it...
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Two of my best friends at college (including my college wife - haha) do the DM. It is a lot of work. What gets to them sometimes I think is that the students from France (who do 2 years in England and then 2 years in France) are all completely fluent in English. With some, you wouldn't know that English wasn't their first language. I've seen some of the French Law that they have to study and it looks very difficult, plus all of the French Law lectures are in French etc etc. Nevertheless, they both enjoy it. If you have any really specific questions, I can ask one of them for you. :smile:
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Ooh, hey! I have an offer for DM next year too and am, to say the least, somewhat nervous! I don't know when you found out about your offer, but I only got told a couple of weeks ago, from my college - from the e-mail, it looks like there had been some administrative confusion about whether the Law Faculty had already told me, which might be why it took so long. Anyway, I had basically assumed that, since it was taking so long and I hadn't heard anything, I had probably been rejected, and so had spent 2 months convincing myself about how 3 years in Cam and a year in Poitiers is the best option anyway! So now I am trying to remind myself why I applied fro DM in the first place, but instead it just looks like a lot of work and I'm not certain about whether the job opportunities are better at the end. *sigh* I am loath to pass it up, though; it does look pretty cool, and would be interesting.

Feel free to PM me, cooldudess, so we can be angsty about it together :smile:
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Hello all, I realise this thread hasn't been used for weeks but, I've just joined the site. I got on to the DM too for 2007 (God knows how), and I'm similarly confused. Someone from my school got on two years ago and turned it down; I really want to do it, but I haven't really heard anyone properly champion it.
Please clarify!