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Hi guys,

I did awful in my AS levels, getting BDDD in sociology, biology, chemistry and maths respectively. I was aiming for at least 2 A's in both sociology and biology, whilst chemistry a B/C, and at least a C for maths.

Do you think it is possible to resit some AS modules and get AAB in AS socio, bio and chem (won't be resitting maths) ?

The reason being:

For socio, I managed to get an A in unit 1, and a C in unit 2. If I resit the unit 2 I could end up with an A overall.

For biology, I ended up getting a U (counts for 30%) (which is so so bad) in unit 1, and a B in unit 2 (counts for 50%), and a C in coursework (20%). Obviously, if I resit the U, do you think it is possible achieving a A overall?

For chem, I got an C in unit 1, and an E in unit 2, but got an A in the coursework. If I resit unit 2, is it possible in getting a B overall?

Is this too unrealistic?
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I'm guessing you did OCR for the sciences? I'd say you should retake the modules you've mentioned, on top of your A2s. If you work hard for your A2s they can also help raise your grade (though they are harder). I'm not so sure if retaking unit 1 bio will raise your grade up to an A, it depends on how high your B was in unit 2. But it is possible! Good luck

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