Civil Engineering in USA

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Be it the luxurious homes, offices, huge bridge or a mammoth structure like One World Trade Center, all have been made possible because of the magnificent civil engineering in USA. The civil engineers design, construct, and maintain large construction projects including buildings, roads, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and systems for water supply & sewage treatment.

What do you learn?

As civil engineering is a broad discipline of engineering and there are a wide range of problems that fall within its purview, you need to have knowledge in numerous fields to solve those problems. Hence, civil engineering has an elaborate curriculum and covers math, chemistry, physics, solid mechanics, structural engineering, material properties, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, environmental engineering, hydrology, and geotechnical & geo-environmental engineering. With a Masters or Ph.D. degree in any of these specialized areas, you can find a world of career opportunities in academia, research and practice.

The best universities for civil engineering in USA

Here is a list of top universities in USA for bachelor’s and master’s programs in civil engineering:
University of California—Berkeley
University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign
Stanford University
University of Texas—Austin (Cockrell)
Georgia Institute of Technology

Job profiles

A civil engineering degree prepares you to work in the construction industry. You could also find career opportunities in business, management and financial sectors associated with civil engineering in USA. Some of the job profiles for civil engineers include:
Building control surveyor
USA has strict rules and regulation regarding construction of buildings. As a building control surveyor, your job is to make sure that the building regulations and other legislation are followed when houses, offices and other buildings are constructed.
Consulting civil engineer
From highway construction to coastal development, civil engineers are involved with the design, development and construction of a huge range of projects in the US. Consulting engineers focus more on the design and generally spend their time in the office or working with clients.
Contract civil engineer
They are more involved with the physical construction of the structures and are usually based on-site.
Site engineer
Site engineers have technical and supervisory roles on construction projects. It is their duty to determine appropriate locations for above and underground infrastructural installations involved in construction projects.
Structural engineer
They work with a team of architects and other professional engineers to design structures that withstand stresses and pressures imposed through any environmental conditions and human use. The expertise of a structural engineer is required in the construction of almost anything including houses, offices, bridges, sports venues, theatres, oil rigs, space satellites, and aircrafts.
Water engineer
Water engineers generally deal with the provision of clean water, disposal of waste water, and prevention of flood damage, for any structure that is being constructed.
Civil engineers can find employment opportunities with construction companies, local authorities, government, railways, water and gas companies, and more that pay anywhere between $46,083 and $92,724 annually. The average salary for civil engineers in USA is $61,704.

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