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    HI guys, Ive looked around and decided this would be the best place to ask for help. Basically like most people I watch porn and around 2 years ago i was watching straight porn as normal but around that time I think i started to find guys hot and would be thinking how good they looked and Id love to have sex with them; and i dont know what happened but i started to drift over to gay porn and obviously masturbating to it (and as usual as i watched porn i obviously found it harder to masturbate without watching gay porn), but anyway i suppose my problem is unlike those who knew when they were young or those who definitely know etc. i have always been unsure about whether i could be gay, it would seem so by myself watching gay porn however i dont know whether i simply masturbate to gay porn as its porn and sexual and whether wanting to have sex with the hot boys in my school is simply my hormones messing me about with sexual nature etc.

    Please help if you can and please dont write stupid or attempting to be funny comments.
    Thank you to whoever reads and comments.

    Usually hormone fluctuations don't make a straight person masturbate to gay porn for ~2 years.

    Anyway, give it another few years and everything will be clear. Most people don't fully understand their sexuality until their late teens or sometimes even later.
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    Is it possible that you're replacing porn with real life. Are you w*nking off so much that you get bored and move from category to category?
    You're at your horny stage of life, try to get some real life action before you move onto ****** porn.

    Tip: Stay away from porn, its known to cause sexual confusion paranoia

    I've watched some fudged up stuff in the past that make me gag now
    Girls tend to like lesbo porn because girls do alot more in it, they also seem in it for themselves, straight porn is gross and uneventful. As a girl I like watching guy on guy porn because they seem to be enjoying themselves alot more than they do in straight porn where they stay silent and pull retarded faces.

    in gay porn the actors are always ridiculously hot and they're always seem to be having fun, in straight porn the girls look fake and make face noises whilst looking like they'd rather be at McDonalds eating a big mac. Its boring and not exciting, dw you're probably curious, if you're gay have fun with it
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