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I'm 24, have anxiety , still a virgin, neighbor trying to set me up with a girl , watch

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    I'm 24, still a virgin and live at home with my Mum.

    I've had several girls asked me out on dates in the past but I've declined, trying to laugh it off in front of them to try not to make them look silly. I guess I declined due to anxiety.

    I try to hide my severe anxiety from everybody. They only see me as ''shy'' instead if seeing the truth, that I am severely anxious.

    Anyway , parking my car tonight a lad who lives 2 doors away and who is 2 years older than me comes out and asks for a lift 5 minutes away. ( I feel reluctant as I like to keep myself to myself and not wanting to get to involved with the neighbors).
    I give him a lift, I then realise he's been drinking alcohol. He gets in my car, tells me a girl he knows likes me ( was reluctant to tell me her name, not sure I even know her) he said she likes the fact I have a car (so I feel sure I may have seen this girl before as she seems to know a little about me), she thinks I'm good looking ( several people, girls and oddly some guys have told me I'm good looking also) , he said she likes that I go to the gym, he said he is making it his business to hook me up with the girl in the next 10 days, I told him maybe but he tried to get me to promise I would hook up with her, I just said maybe
    Truth is, there will be no date, I'm almost certain of it, because I am too anxious and I will probably make up any excuse at the moment.

    But there is always a small chance that I will be going on the date. All I know about the girl from what he has told me, is that she is a blonde

    I'm anxious now. I'm scared he will go back to the girl and say things to her like I've agreed to go on a date with herIho wouldn't like to think of this girl stood up, expecting me to be there because the other lad said I would be

    It would be nice for me to go out witha girl, but I feel I need to sort my own issues out first. I'm just not ready, and now I am so anxious about what will happen next. Will this unknown girl knock at my door, will she be expecting to meet me?

    Then, I'm sure if things went ahead that we will end up having sex ( and I'll be committing fornication, as a Christian I am aware how serious that will be)

    And how do I even perform sex on a girl , is it basically the same as I see the guys do to girls on porn videos?


    Why are you anxious?
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    (Original post by william walker)
    Why are you anxious?
    I've been anxious for years, at least 10 years I think

    I'm very paranoid about myself and about how I look I guess insecure basically and feel everybody is looking at me when the fact is nobody is probably looking at me, unless they think that I am attractive. Lol

    I'm probably not uugk as I've had plenty of people tell me I'm nice looking, lol
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