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Hi, I have chosen to study English literature, psychology, history and sociology A levels and have even enrolled already at a sixth form college however I'm still a bit wary about picking sociology because I don't know if I will enjoy it and my chosen subjects are already essay based and I feel as if I'm going to go crazy writing a lot of essays.

I read the specification for economics and it looks quite interesting and it's also less essay based however apparently there is some maths involved in the second year and I am no good at maths (got a C in gcse) but I was thinking of dropping that subject after As if in chose that instead.

Should I stick to sociology or change it to economics? I want to study law in the future..
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I would personally say stick to sociology than economics, just because it involves a lot of maths. Plus sociology is an amazing subject. If you're afraid of how much essay based subjects you are doing, why don't you drop one for this year and pick up a more relaxed subject, then pick up the subject in A2, so you'll be doing 3 A2 and one As. Although A2 is really difficult and the content of your subjects is endless, thats why most people tend to always drop at least one subject (As I did). Oh and you do English lit, Psychology and history, which can all be linked to law. so don't worry too much. so many people end up doing a degree that hasnt got any relation to what they did in A levels, so dont stress out too much over a levels. Just as long as you're doing courses you enjoy.

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