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    I'm 24 years old and I left secondary school with no GCSEs after being bullied and my school not exactly helping me with being bullied. My mum pulled me out of school after seeing the state I was getting in and my school didnt want to approach my bullies with the reason that it will only get wprse for me. They would send me the odd thing home for me to study but nothing that actually helped me, thinking about it now it seems as if they were trying to coax me into coming back by not sending me work.

    Anyway I went downhill from there and fell into a depression and didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. A couple years after overcoming everything I went into work in retail and have been ever since.

    I know know that I want to study to be a midwife but I am starting from rock bottom, I'm going to my local college next week to start my studying for my GCSEs in maths, english and hopefully science if they do a night course for it as well. I know I need a minimum of 5 GCSEs so I was planning on doing distance learning for the remaining 2 or more. After speaking with a few friends they told me to speak to universities I hope to study with in the future and ask if they accept IGCSEs because alot of the distance learning are IGCSEs. So far I've spoken to Manchester and Edge Hill, Edge Hill told me to be careful with IGCSEs as they normally don't accept them and do their own equivalency programme. Manchester have said they do accept IGCSEs but with differences in entry requirements that not all courses accept IGCSEs.

    So I'm thinking my safe bet is to stick with finding GCSEs to study rather than IGCSEs which takes my choices right down as I was planning on studying biology, chemistry and human biology along side my 3 basic GCSEs but now with distance learning I'm left with a choice of Psychology, Law and Sociology.

    My plan if all goes to plan is to take my GSCE exams next year (hopefully get A*-C) study an access course with my college and hopefully onto university!

    My main question is as long as I have the basic maths, english and science, does it matter what GCSEs I take to make the numbers upto 5 or more? Or is it worth taking psychology and sociology to make my GCSEs upto 5 and taking 2 IGCSEs as well, because some universities do accept them just as long as 5 of them are GCSEs?

    I'll appreciate any advice and sorry for it being so long winded!

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    If you're taking science as a gcse there isn't exactly much point doing bio, chem or human bio separately as that is already included in your science.
    If unis are asking for 5 GCSEs you should be fine with that.

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Updated: August 23, 2015

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