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Employed? Unemployed? Benefits? watch

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    Employed? Unemployed? Benefits?

    The UK economy has change dramatically since the late 50’s, from the boom and bust to the unemployed and benefits. Britain as nation have reduced their labour output levels, leading companies, to depart manufacturing from Britain.

    Today it seems media focuses on the unemployed, youths and benefits, which gives the working class a negative view on these minority of citizens. Theirs a lot of speculation on who to blame this “error” on; government, society or the welfare system. Where did these people get the assumption or idea that living on tax payers money is acceptable in society?

    The older generation in society, seem to be failing at setting good examples for the Britons of tomorrow.

    Most organisations, don’t seems to care and are only looking to take on people with experience, but how can one learn without offering the experience? why is it that organisation are looking for people with experience all the time? because they don’t have the time, money or resources to invest in these individuals? maybe they like to keep maximising profits?. A lot of speculation on why, i believe many companies, are just interested in cutting cost and maximising profits, leaving the government to sort it out, hence why we see increases in national minimum wages, or new development plan for the younger generation such as apprenticeships. Seems like everyone, regardless of what status, rely on the government to sort it out.

    Again media, always twisting the stories, to make us agree with their views. Immigrants who try to enter the EU, because they are in danger, or come for a better life, a better future. The reality is the many of them entering the UK are found on the street, or very low paid jobs, where speaking english isn't needed, and the fact of the matter the people of Britain are not interested in hard labour work, such as washing hundreds of cars, in the cold or warm weathers.

    Thee GDP since 1948 - 2012, it shows a steady growth upon till the financial crises in 2009.

    “ The quantity of goods and services produced in the economy is now approximately four times larger than in 1948, the first year for which comparable statistics are available. This can be attributed to a range of factors, including: population growth which increases the amount of available labour; investment in capital which improves labour productivity; and technological improvement which increases how much the economy can produce (productive potential).” (Ons.gov.uk)

    Growth has grown, great for the economy, however actually growth is thanks to, capital gains and technology. This has improved making it easier for a worker, but they haven't seen any kind of income growth nor benefits, which then leads them to more borrowing, which causes the 2009 crises in the EU.

    Why do businesses, companies, and organisation, always looking to maximise their profits? what about those people who work for them.

    The government are making changes, with the taxpayers money. If we didn’t pay income tax would views be different?

    In today’s society young people seem that they dont wont to work, blaming that their isn't any job and would rather be on benefits. Is it because of the state education system that has failed them? or their upbringing? or society as a whole?

    Mothers stay hungry to feed their children, labour government funded the laid back, businesses grow and grow, what the future of tomorrow? apprenticeships just another waste with courses at Level 1 or 2.

    Welfare system is a joke. This country seems to be a laughing stock, at the centre of handouts. Don't get me wrong, but people who are genuinely unable to work, should be given benefits for a roof and food. No more no less, just the essentials of needs and not wants!

    Hot topics on the news these days are, immigration, welfare and terrorists. Cameron is doing a good job when it comes to cracking down on immigration and welfare benefits, cutting the unnecessary, and tackling immigration. As migrants, try to enter the UK for a roof, some food, and safety all paid by the UK taxpayers.

    If Britain didn't advertise the benefits system, there would be less migrants, more homes for the British and more people in work today.

    People on this system earn more than the average UK worker, tax avoidance, cuts in paying taxes. I don't see other countries doing this.

    X amount of public sector money is wasted on tracking down migrants in the country. Areas of our cities is dominated by Muslims, Polish and other ethnicity and cultures, they picked Britain for a reason!

    Seems like EVERYONE on the benefit system is receiving to much.

    Why isn't anyone doing anything!

    Better strap up your boots and tell them Scroungers what you think of them.
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