Just had the worst panic attack of my life

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So I got a place at a London uni through adjustment but I wasn't eligible for halls so I've been looking around this weekend for a room to rent but I'm finding it so intensely stressful - I have no idea where I'm supposed to be looking. I just panicked so badly and ended up having my first panic attack in about six months - I thought I was dying and it felt like it lasted forever. I feel so exhausted now but still stressed. I can't think straight. I just feel so disappointed in myself for not being able to function like a normal person. How the hell am I ever going to get anywhere in life if I can't sort something as simple as this without breaking down?


I guess I just needed to vent
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Panic attacks sometimes come on without warning and sometimes no obvious trigger so you can't blame yourself for them. You're particularly stressed at the moment so cut yourself some slack. Maybe part of the problem is that you're expecting too much of yourself accept that it's okay to be stressed at a stressful time (sounds silly but you know what I mean).

But I think by the sounds of things you'd benefit from some help. Have you seen your GP or sought any other help/support?
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I've had panic attacks for the last three years and I had one of my worst last night. I know how defeated and down you can feel after one, especially if they are still new to you or you have a cracker of an attack like the "omg I am dying!" Ones. I had one of them last night.

I know its hard, extremely hard, to not dwell on a panic attack after it happens. Its hard not to think about something that you feel almost killed you bit dwelling is the worst thing you can do. It only stresses you out more and makes you vulnerable to further attacks. Stress is such a big cause for panic attacks. I've been very stressed lately too so I'm putting mine down to that. Mine also felt like it was never end and I felt knackered and washed out from it. Still do this morning after some sleep.

Remember that its normal to feel crappy after a panic attack, even for a few days afterwards. Your body essentially took a beating and it takes a wee while to heal from it. Constantly checking to see if you feel better yet or worrying about how you feel right now or having another panic attack is like poking a bruise, the more you do it, the longer it takes to heal. I know its very hard though. It was impossible for me at the start.

Some tips I have for you are - eat as soon as you feel up to it after a panic attack. Eat whatever you fancy. You probably burned a lot of calories after that attack so don't feel guilty about stuffing your face. Also drink plenty of fluids. If you feel up to it, do some exercise. It's the last thing in the world you feel like doing but it helps more than anything because it burns off any extra adrenaline left over. Yesterday an hour after my attack, I went a walk alone around my block and it helped so much. In the attack I never thought I would be able to go out again so it was a big confidence boost to go out and be fine.
Also try relaxing as much as you can after one - go for a bath, watch a movie or even sleep.

If anxiety and panics are becoming regular then I would advise seeing your GP. I also recommend Dr Claire Weekes books. They have helped me so much. A lot of anxiety sufferers have been helped by those books.
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