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Help - was my drink spiked? watch

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    Hi, I've seen similar posts on here before so I hope someone can help me. It's quite a long post but I haven't told many people so I'm still quite confused about the whole thing.

    A few weeks ago, on a holiday with friends, I went out to a club with a (male) staff member from the hotel we stayed at. My friends didn't want to go but said I should as the youngest and only single one to have some fun, and we all thought I was perfectly safe with hotel guy and could go out and see what the town was like. I speak hotel guy's language to a passable level so we thought he was happy to have someone around to speak it with. Naïve I know!

    I'm not a big drinker, and when I do drink I can handle it and I'm always the one clearing up dramas, putting everyone to bed with berocca to drink, cleaning my teeth and probably doing some housework before I get to bed. I have a phobia of being sick and I don't enjoy being really drunk so it just never happens, even at New Years when I can drink an obscene amount and stay borderline sober, and be bright and breezy the next morning. I also may be the single one but I have never had a one night stand (before this anyway) and I had been chatting to a guy I really like for a few months before this, and I had no intention of anything happening with anyone else.

    This night out on holiday, hotel man gave me two or three drinks, and my memory totally blacked out after that for 2 and a half hours, which was terrifying as it's never happened before. I could have drunk more after that but if so I have absolutely zero recollection. I did stupidly leave my drink unattended lots, going to the toilet or dancing or chatting to other British holidaymakers etc so stupid me in that respect.

    At some point in this fog I was at hotel guy's apartment.. A few flashbacks (another first for me) the next day filled in that much.
    My next memory is of getting back to the hotel lobby, and I can't remember seeing anything, I remember retching onto the hotel floor and hotel guy passing me to some poor kind lobby boy to take me to my room, where I attempted to text a friend back home and it came out as utter gibberish, even autocorrect couldn't make it make sense, but that timed my return at around 4-4:30am!

    The next day I woke up bruised on my arms, legs and body, in pain, unable to go to the loo for the pain and very, very embarrassed. Managed somehow to make it out and do the activities I'd planned with my friends, but by mid afternoon I had to go back to the hotel room and lie down, I wasn't physically up to much for a couple of days and I found it really hard to explain that it didn't feel like the few hangovers I've had before (no sickness or headache, just an uncomfortable feeling all over that I can't put into words).

    I passed it off to my friends that I'd just got a bit too drunk and slept with the guy and made up stories of what it was like and said where I thought the apartment was (I did later find out where staff stayed and it turns out I was way off) and said I was embarrassed and it was a stupid mistake. Which at the time I think I did genuinely believe.

    It's only recently when it's still playing on my mind that I remembered that drinks spiking is even a thing that happens. I can't explain the total blackout and stuff that I did totally out of character (even for drunk me), and the strange feeling the next day.

    I genuinely can't remember what the symptoms of being spiked are, I'll look them up after I post so I'm unbiased in writing what I remember, but thanks to that lovely thing of anxiety I'm just doubting and second guessing myself, maybe I just did get really drunk and I'm so embarrassed I'm blaming something that didn't happen, maybe someone else spiked my drink, maybe it was him, I honestly don't know. I know he was wrong in taking me back to his apartment because I was in no state to disagree, but I don't know if that was self inflicted or not.

    I've told three close friends who all think it was spiked, and I'm going to a clinic tomorrow to get tested, so I'll speak to some professionals then, but I wanted some unbiased opinion from people who haven't met me or people who might have had a similar experience.

    Sorry for the really long post...!

    It's hard to tell from your account but a blood test at a clinic is unlikely to get you closer to the truth: your body breaks down the drug pretty fast so it's difficult to trace even within 24 hours.
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