not sure which type of course I select?

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I just changed my details for student finance, to go to a different uni and course since this changed after the results were out.

One of the questions on the part where you can change details about the uni, college or the uni course you need the finance for asks which type of course is it, even after me entering the name or ucas code of the course. I'm applying for a 4 year degree-a masters with a year in industry. I entered this one in, then another question asked what is the type of course, where the options included 'undergraduate' and listed some examples (including 'MPharm', which made me think this option included masters), but also 'including a year in industry' or 'placement', something like that. I ended up clicking 'undergraduate' thinking the year with placment was for this year-the year i'm applying for finance for.
But I'm not sure if i've chosen the wrong one?

I'm not sure how bad it is if i didn't select the year in industry option, as I thought we apply for finance every year, and i'd be able to list the year in industry another year, but i'm not even sure if i apply for student finance for my year in industry year so i started to doubt my decision.
Do i need to change my option? will i be able to? I can change it by a 'change of circumstances', (though this is for the name of the course, the place, the start and end date, and the year of study only, which i'm sure i've entered correctly) but other than that they said i'll have to wait til the first change is processed.

I'm sorry i can't quote anything more specific, i'm not allowed to see the page til the change, and i apologise for the length of this post, please let me know if something isn't making sense.


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