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Whats wrong with me? watch

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    Ive done an online search and ive presented with everything from diabetes and hypothyroidism to a heart attack. Really (hopefully) this could be as simple as high bp or nutrient deficiency buy im hoping someone can shed some light. There are a mixture of symptoms, some ive had longer than others:
    •feeling faint (ive always felt dizzy and lost my vision when i stood up and that still happens but for about a week now ive been feeling i could pass out at any moment)
    •headache (a tension headache across my forehead, im probably stressing)
    •weird jumpy head sensation (the best way to describe this feeling is its like ive been hit in the head with a bat and my brain lurches forward. Theres no pain its just very disorienting)
    •weight gain. (Says it all, and as hard as i try, i cant lose weight)
    •tired (all. The. Time. Its the hokidays so im well rested, im trying to go out and get fresh air regularly but im exhausted and have zero energy to do things i want to do)
    •breathlessness (i often feel like im not getting enough air and i cant even get up the stairs without laboured breathing, i went jogging the other day and i cant run for more than a minute without wanting to fall on the ground feeling like my chest is going to explode)
    • non palpitations (i get the sensation that my hearts beating fast and hard but whrn i check my pulse, its perfectly normal)
    •disconnected numbness (this happens in my fingers and lips where im not numb but those parts of me feel disconnected and foreign)
    •things dont make sense properly. (This one scares me. Its like i have trouble processing things. When i read, i see but it doesnt go in. My mathmatical ability is poor. When people talk to me, i can hear what theyre saying but it takes a few seconds for tge sounds to become words i can understand).

    Im otherwise a relatively healthy 18 yr old female, ex competitive athlete and ive been previously diagnosed with migraine. Any ideas?

    First things first i think you should get yourself back to the doctors because non of us will be able to give you a proper diagnosis on here. However to possibly shed some light, have you thought about the possibility that some of your symptoms could actually be down to anxiety from worrying so much, and becoming more aware of your body? Also don't consult DR Google, i know we are all guilty of it from time to time but i think it can make you feel worse. You see the description of various different conditions and stuff which you display similar symptoms to and then you start to think that you're getting the other symptoms listed which instantly leads you to think that you have that awful.

    Anyway as said before get yourself to the doctors even if you've been there to talk about this before. Take care and hopefully you'll get the answers you're looking for.
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