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the best 'social' society - ideas?

Okay I dont want to sound sad because I was very lucky this year, I'm in my first year at leeds and have been put with the lovliest flatmates ever who are now my close friends. The thing is I made the mistake of starting a relationship wth one of them - now over. I'm still friends with him but I really want to make more friends outside my flat. I was pretty satisfied before with these lovely flatmates and my boyfriend and because I was starting a new relationship, I didnt really put as much effort into making friends at the start of term as I should have done when everyone was milling around trying to find their friendship groups and likeminded people.

But now me and my boyfriend have split up I really want to make some new friends that arent just going to be 'mutual' friends like everyone else in our block at the moment.... they all know him really well, and talk to him all the time and I just want to make my own friends. My course isnt too sociable really...only one or two lectures a day and people dont really talk after.

I want to go to societies and things and meet new people, but...I dont know its a bit daunting and there are so many. I was thinking of filmsoc do it in the dark they just *watch* films? or is there some chat involved and social events and such? Sorry... I'm just wondering. I'm into dancing and drama and writing and ...ehh I dont know. Just what sort of places would people recomend to go and make some friends? lol *loser* everyone seems so settled with their friendship groups now, and its just a bit lonely... wish I hadn't been so settled with my stupid boyfriend....:rolleyes:
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orrr just any ideas on making friends.... *is even more of a loser now*

I dont know. It's just...I dont know WHERE to meet people.
The Great Hall at University of Leeds
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Oh I really wish I knew the answer to this one.
I have very very few friends at uni also, mainly because I don't have any time to socialise, and at the moment I can't even enter a pub or anything on account of it being too smoky.

What kind of music do you like? Rocksoc is a very sociable group, but granted it's not going to be much use to you if you really dislike rock music.
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What course do you do? Is there a society for your subject?
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I do philosophy. I guess I could find out about the philosophy society...
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Any sporting interests? Fancy becoming involved in the running of the Union, anything? There are so many ways you can become involved with different societies, I'm sur you won't have too much of a problem once you get started :wink: