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    Pretty obvious from the title what this is guys! All of you can share your stories, how much revision you did, what you did to celebrate, what rewards you got etc. from your GCSE results. I will start:

    GCSE Religious Studies: C
    GCSE Mathematics A (Linear) Option H: C
    GCSE French: D (ah well)
    GCSE Psychology: C
    GCSE Science A: B
    GCSE Additional Science: B
    GCSE English Language: A
    GCSE History B: B
    GCSE English Literature: A* (YAY)

    As for the amount of revision... i would say not enough, otherwise I would have gotten some more A's and A*'s lol.
    Litle extra tidbit: I was 4 marks off of 100% across the board for English Lit
    So, what about everyone else?

    Got an A* in Statistics, I could have worked harder but I didn't really realise how much I needed to do. I did about 5/6 hours a week over 3 months. The reward I get for it is a £10 note and a fancy meal out with my family!

    BUT, I hated doing the coursework for it - it really sucked, again, I didn't know what to do for it so it was a lot of guess work. I guess it paid off though.

    Congrats on your results!

    English Lit: A* (196/200!)
    English Lang: A*
    Maths: B
    Science: A
    Additional Science: A
    R.S: A*
    History: A*
    Geography: A*
    Business Studies: A*
    Spanish: A*


    11 A* overall in Maths, further maths (AQA igcse), biology, Chemistry, physics, geography, computing,religious studies, Spanish, English Language, English literature

    1 A in business studies ;(

    I revised a lot. Every day since start of April.

    Rewards? Nothing, although I got the satisfaction of doing well.
    I celebrated at nandos with friends (no it wasn't cheeky and no we were not 'lads')

    1A* (Food tech) 1B (Biology) & the rest A's
    I'm not disappointed, my biology was bought down by my coursework (I got a D! ) because I was made to do it when i was really ill, couldn't write a proper sentence etc. My exams were both A/A*
    I found my exams really hard mentally, I suffer form anxiety and they were really horrible I got an iPhone 6+, but I have to pay £150-200 back for it
    I revised a lot, since February and I feel I got grades that show that
    To celebrate we're having a party to say goodbye to my cousin, well done to another cousin for graduating form uni, well done to me for my results, happy birthday to my nan, lots of thigns to celebrate all at once aha

    7 A*'s, 2 A's.A*s in Maths, English Lit, RE (Ethics &Marks gospel), Science (aqa the 1s and the 2s), History, Spanish (no idea how that comes up to 7 but I did 7 i remember from the sheet on results day!!)
    As in computing and English lang ( kinda suprising, thought i was better at english lang than english lit, but aha)
    As for revision... I'll be honest I wasn't too serious. Revised in the half terms and stuff when we had mocks... maybe 4 hours a day.
    Didn't revise in normal term time. Revised using revision guides and stuff. Our school had study days so that helped too. So overall, I didn't revise loads, but a sufficient amount. I'm naturally smart I guess.. luck has it.
    Computing only an A due to coursework and an almost useless teacher. English Lang an A because of me, can't blame le teacher there.To celebrate, well my dad is getting me a new computer Plus my family all said well done and I'm awesome. I already pretty much all the stuff in life I need atm (except a gf but oops wrong place and i'm working on that... badly )
    Also I came 2nd in my school basicly in terms of GCSE results so that is an awesome feat, but sucks a little bit as the guy who beat me just had 1 more A* instead of A, so if for a better computing teacher would have drawn I am able to continue in sixth form with my choices so now I just hope I succeed in A-Levels.
    I definitely will work harder and revise more as luck won't get me through these exams, but atleast I will do the subjects I am most passionate about (Maths,fmaths, economics &gov and politics).
    Congratulations on your results too

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