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    Hi, So I am applying to university soon and am hoping to study classics. My problem is that I've had no grounding in this from my schooling -never done Latin/Ancient history ect.

    My current A-Levels are history, philosophy, psychology and biology. I received AAAC, respectively. (Biology only 2 UMS off a B ) I think I am going to continue all of these to A2, because I really enjoy all of them (despite not putting all the effort I should have in biology this year). Do you think this is wise? Or should I drop biology/ psychology as it isn't relevant if I want to study classics?

    My other question is that I want to take either an AS or a full A-Level in classical civilisation (ancient history) this year to help show my interest in pursuing the subject and give me some grounding in it.

    I was wondering if anyone has studied this at AS/A-Level if you could advise me as whether I could take it? I'd have to self study it as my school doesn't offer it. Is it difficult? What exam board did you use and what topics did you study? What textbooks/resources did you use? Do you have any general advice about how to get a good. Grade in it?
    Thanks in advance

    I have not studied this yet however, like you, I will be next year. I normally wouldn't reply at this point however my best friend has just completed their AS in it so I can help you a little bit

    I asked him a lot before taking it so I will tell you everything he told me. The thing is, he, as will I, did not learn it in the way that other subjects are taught, because it is such a rare subject, those who wish to take it are taught by video conferencing with an Oxford professor in Classical Civ.

    His main pieces of advice where:

    - Find out which of Homer's works you are studying and read it before the teacher (or you) needs to study it. Then read it again. There are so many names, relationships and places, you need to build upon your knowledge in layers.

    - Always keep an eye out for documentaries, podcasts etc. These provide you with the extra knowledge about Ancient Rome and Greece that A level requires. It is all about building on that which you already know.

    -Acquaint yourself with a strong but vague knowledge of things ranging from the architecture of the Parthenon to Augustus.

    Some things that I have found useful in preparation for the course are reading the syllabus and the course layout for the subject. The awarding body is AQA. Also, you will soon find that there is no set text book for Classic Civ, something that I have invested in is 'The Oxford Companion to Classical Civilisation'. It is on Amazon for £40 however used copies are less, I found mine in a second hand book shop for £3.99. It will be really useful for essays.

    The expected amount of work we are supposed to do includes an average of one essay a week with shorter questions and tasks also however my friend says this varies.

    He got an A at AS. It is a lot of work, especially on your own, you may find it difficult unless you have the appropriate determination and honest interest in the subject, as well as support from your school.

    I hope this has helped, you are welcome to ask any more questions that you have.

    Good Luck!

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