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    I'm starting loughborough next month, and with it nearly being freshers, just wondered if anyone knew what the hall reputations were. Like which ones are known for being rowdy or slutty and what types of banter gets used for chants?

    The general stereotypes across the halls are
    Cayley- sluts
    Royce- the rowdiest
    Elvyn- posh/the richest/daddy buys them everything
    Falk egg- get **** for being the worst/cheapest hall but generally embrace it
    DC- full of engineers
    Faraday- known for STDs
    Butler- really sporty
    Rigg Rut/bakewell- similar to elvyn probably have a lot of money

    Don't really know any others

    I wasn't really involved in hall stuff last year at all so I'm not sure what's changed, but I remember some stuff from before. It's all in good fun of course, and what I'm about to say isn't true it's just banter ^_^ I have friends from pretty much every hall and it's just material to rib each other with.

    When I was in halls:
    • DC: teased for boy:girl ratio, full of engineers
    • Bakewell (my old hall!): "Bakewell Tarts", Towers friends, Elvyn wannabes (not true haha)
    • Elvyn: full of posh/rich kids, useless kitchens (they are catered but have kitchens for some reason?)
    • Rigg-Rutt: can't think of much said about them, they were a smaller hall
    • JP: was full of international students and postgraduates so teased for being boring
    • Royce/Telford/Cayley/Rutherford: these four always seem to have shifting friendships/rivalries, one of them will probably be teased for being the more sexually active hall this year
    • Whitworth: the uppermost Circle of Hell XD never been inside, but it's meant to be terrible! It might have been done up recently though, the Uni are working their way around the older halls.
    • Butler: teased for having shared rooms, but I have a feeling that is no longer a thing
    • Towers: one of the party halls! One of the most communal from what I've heard, teased for their fire drills (so many stairs!), friends with Bakewell
    • Bill Mo (William Morris): another party hall, right opposite the Union.
    • Harry French: another party hall, also very close to the Union.
    • Falk Egg: it's been done up since my first year, but used to be the trashiest and cheapest hall. They also have a reputation for getting disqualified from the Sing Off in freshers' week, and for being the drunkest. Joke used to go that cheaper rent = more money for alcohol. Visited since the refurb, much nicer now!
    • Holt: private hall, don't know much about this place since it was sold by the Uni. Used to be the 'quiet' hall but I think it lost that reputation in the last couple of years because of some of the new freshers haha.
    Just to make it clear, none of this is serious, it's just the running jokes between halls. And it might be a bit out of date!
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