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Hi, as you know History 10 markers can be quite tricky to get quite right and I would like some help on how to improve mine!

How far did the great Depression cause Hitler to come to power in January 1933?

In 1929, the American Stock exchange (Wall Street) crashed, causing an economic depression. America called in all its foreign loans, which destroyed Weimar Germany. Unemployment in Germany rose to 6 million. Chancellor Brüning cut wages, unemployment pay and war widow and war injured benefits.

Poverty and unemployment made German people angry with the Weimar government, people lost faith in the democratic system that had obviously failed the people of Germany and turned towards extremist parties such as the communists and Nazis.
People decided the country needed a strong government therefore the Nazi party’s policy of one strong leader appealed to people.
Another Nazi policy was to overturn the Treaty of Versailles, which to German people it was very apparent that the Treaty was the root of their problems in regards to the economy because of the large amount of reparations they had to pay. Many workers turned to communism, but this frightened wealthy businessmen, so they financed Hitler's campaigns. Also, as people had lost their jobs and weren’t gaining money, people did not have much pride in this sense but the Nazi policy of Aryan superiority and nationalism gave people hope for the future and pride to be German. The Nazis also provided a scapegoat; the Jews, to blame for Germany’s economic problems.

Had the economic depression not happened, it is likely Nazi policies would not have started to make sense to German people as it is arguable that if the wall street crash had not happened, USA would not have called in their foreign loans therefore the German economy would not have crashed. Because of this, democracy wouldn’t have been seen as a failure as there would’ve been no problem for people to blame on democracy; Germans would not have needed a scapegoat to blame for their problems if there were no problems. It is obvious people only turn to extremist parties when there are flaws in their current Government.
Therefore I believe the Great Depressions caused Hitler to come in power to a great extent as without it, people would not have needed to turn towards an extremist party and the Nazi party would have continued to be unheard of.

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