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I have a question regarding the insertion of my qualifications/ subject grades.

I have been to the same highschool for 5 years, then went to another school (I was on exchange) and now I'm back at my old school to finish my last (6th) year.

I will add the qualifications for my 6th year when I get them in october (the plan is to work hard and to obtain outstanding grades).

Now I wonder if I should add qualifications for the first five years at my school (before I left on exchange). I feel that it would not add anything to my application because my marks where relatively good but not as outstanding as my marks I will obtain now in my 6th year,and it has been one year now since I obtained them.

But if I don't add qualifications for those first five years, won't it look like I have been doing nothing at school all that time?

Btw: I'm from Europe, so the gradingsystem is probably a bit different.

I have big exams at the end of each year, but I don't really get anything from it, just a pass to the next year. But I suppose that those exam results are sufficient and can be seen as a qualification?

I hope my explanation is not too complicated.

Thanks in advance for any response!

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