sitting igcse English literature for the first time?

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Hello everyone
I have recently been planning to gain an English literature gcse certificate to boost my chances for university in the future as I never had the chance to do that whilst I was in highschool for a short period of time. I fortunetly found a private institution that is willing to let me do igcse English lit. My question is this course hard and is it unrealistic to gain a good grade under a couple of months specially since I never did English lit. I really enjoyed English language but I have no idea how different that two are. I just want to prepare myself as I would be paying for thee qualification and I don't wanna set myself an unrealistic target. I would really appreciate your responces.
Sorry for the long post, I made an acount just to ask this
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Eng lit is different from eng lang. Mostly for eng lit you'll have to practice writing essays and how to write them well, how to structure a good essay based on the question, etc. You'll need to understand the books that you'll be writing about (you'll do 2 books) and train your hands to write pages and pages without cramping out XD It's not too difficult, and compared to A-levels or IB level english lit, it's defiantly much more easier as long as you have a decent knowledge in the english language and have good supporting quotes, etc. You do have to spend some time just trying to remember lots of quotes. You won't do that for english lang but you defiantly need your quotes for eng lit.

Why don't you check out a few past papers and see how you feel about them? I did my igcse's 2 years ago and english lit was actually a really nice exam at the time for me. The questions weren't too difficult and they don't heavily penalize you if you didn't write the quotes exactly as written in the book, for example. It's really all about them essays

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