Are adulthood and Childhood as bad as each other?

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Ok... A thread I've thought up, given a situation I've just experienced. Where I've had an interview offer in London, but realised I can't afford to live there, given the salary. Also, realising that I've been quite ill the last few years and know barely anyone who lives there, would make my life in London pretty miserable. Anyhoo,
here goes...

Would you agree that Childhood and Adulthood are pretty much as bad as each other? Although each has its pros and cons, they pretty much both just suck ass.

For Example:

-You have essentially no rights.
-You are practically your parent's slave (well, not really, as that would be child abuse, but you have no right to question them).
-You are forced into education (a good thing in the long run, but, again, you have no say in it!)
-You can be easily exploited by adults and other undesirables.
-There is a good chance you will be bullied by other children.
-You cannot question anything you disagree with.
-You cannot do anything that might be construed as "fun"; i.e alcohol etc.

-You are a slave to your job.
-Everything "fun" you were looking forward too as a child, you now have to pay for.
-You are responsible and have to worry about everything you do.
-You have to pay for everything in life.
-You are in competition with everyone
-You have to worry about finding a partner.
-You cannot truly voice your opinion, without either getting fired, or being mocked.
-Nothing you do will ever make a difference anyway.
-You have to work until you are 66, spend a few years contemplating where the f*** your life went, and die.

No trolling please.
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I think this all depends on your perspective on life and how you choose to go about your daily activities. If you work hard and save up a lot of money, then you can buy houses all over the world and have an early retirement and live off money paid from rent. When you work hard and save money, in my opinion, life can be very enjoyable and as you're working hard, other things will fall into place such as relationships. All you need to do is focus on yourself and it doesn't matter about people who are in competition. Once you're doing you own thing, competition doesn't matter
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I know I'm resurrecting this, but I think the thing that most saddens me, is how Children (at least I did) look forward to that idea of independence, but sometimes I now think that independence absolutely sucks.

Is there any way to simply avoid it all?

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