Guys I really need quick help for an international students Applying to the UK (med)

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Hey guys..
I did IGCSE, As and Alevels in Saudi Arabia ( KSA )
.. I still didn't apply for any uni in the UK but I really want to study there for medicine .. I need quick help if I can still apply
These are my grades..
IGCSE : 2A* 4A 1B ( A* at chemistry and math. A at bio, physics, computer studies and english second language (With grade 1 at aural/oral (speaking )) and B at classical arabic )
As level : AAAA
( A at bio, math, chemistry and arabic )
Alevels :A* A* C
(A* at maths and chem, C in bio because i left out unit 5, i didn't do the exam )
I might do ielts as well but I really need urgent help.. thanks a lot
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(Original post by blu3wh4l3r)
Hey there,

I'd say your GCSE results are decent but not particularly outstanding so it would probably be best to avoid applying to universities that take them more seriously. In terms of A level results I think the average offer is AAA so I'm not sure about your biology grade... are there any special reasons why you couldn't take the exam that the universities can take into account? Otherwise it might be worth retaking your bio. You're also likely to need to take the UKCAT/BMAT to apply for medicine depending on the universities you're thinking of - which ones do you have in mind at the moment? I'd be a bit worried especially since you're applying as an international student, there are really limited spaces and it's quite competitive. Having some good work experience/volunteering would also boost your application

Good luck and hope I helped! Planning to apply for medicine as well
Honestly I didn't do it because I fed up.. whenever I do a biology exam i just get a low A or a high B.. I really wanted a full mark in unit 4 bio in january but I got an 88/120 (B) and I was sure of my performance so i remarked and got 84/120 (B) !!!! so I just did unit 6 without studying still managed a 45/60 (B) al hamdulelah and didn't do unit 5 because of the above..

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