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I'm not sure where to start so my apologies if this is a bit incoherent.

There appears to be something wrong with the results of the Edexcel Graphics GCSE. I'll try to clarify some things first. The coursework was out of 100. With UMS it gets modified by about 1.2 to get the new UMS score. I say "about 1.2" because from looking at the grade boundaries, the modifier seems to vary depending on your score before UMS. The exam is out of 80. I believe the UMS is applied so that in total your score is out of 200, since at 100/100 coursework, the UMS takes it to 120, and with the total of 80 from the exam, that takes it to 200.
The Grade Boundaries:

Now, before we finished the school year we completed the coursework obviously. The teacher marked mine as 93, which was before UMS. However, the results sheet shows 89, which is with UMS. I did some rough estimations and the 89 shown on the results sheet would equate to around 77 or so before UMS. Weird.
Next up on the list of oddities: I got full marks on the test - 80/80. I'm not the only one either, my sister did and the friends I've asked did too. This seems incredibly unlikely, as we had a bad teacher and he only taught us a small amount. It seems very far fetched that we all got full marks on something we had to teach most of it to us ourselves.

My results:

To sum up: according to the results sheet, our teacher drastically overmarked us on the coursework, and after being moderated everyone's grades were lowered by 2 grades. Oh and we all got full marks on the exam.

I have a couple of ideas about what's going on here:

1. There's been some sort of mix up with the marking and we all got different results from what it said. There's no way we all got full marks on the exam. Might have to ask for remark.

2. The results sheets are all completely true, and it's just a strange coincidence. I sincerely hope this is not the case. It'd mean our teacher completely screwed us over. 99% of what we did in lessons was coursework and it wasn't until the last month or so before the exam that we did theory in lesson. It'd mean our teacher did in fact overmark us all by 15-20 marks and made us all think we had good grades, when in fact the coursework needed to be rectified and added to. It makes it almost entirely the teacher's fault that we didn't do as well as we thought, since he said our coursework was far better than required and taught us next to no theory, since the theory is what we taught ourselves! (sorry for rant)

3. (rather weird theory, but seems to fit) The marks shown on the results sheets aren't representative of what we actually got. None of us got full marks on the test and what they did (for some reason) on the results sheet was up everyone's marks to 80 on the test using marks from our coursework. So for example, if I got 90 on coursework and 50 on thetest, the results sheet would show 60 on coursework and 80 on the test – thus lowering coursework and making the test full marks.It's an odd theory, but it seems to fit because it'd mean we all got the coursework grades sir gave us, and (more realistically) didn't get full marks in the test.
Sorry for this massive wall of text. Thanks for reading Does anyone know what's happened here?
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Anyone got anything?

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