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GCSE maths in four weeks

Hey has anyone tried the Jeevan Singh GCSE maths in four weeks guide. It's currently at 37pounds but I wanted to be sure before I buy it
Original post by fatz1231
Hey has anyone tried the Jeevan Singh GCSE maths in four weeks guide. It's currently at 37pounds but I wanted to be sure before I buy it

GCSE Mathematics in 4 weeks sounds like a very tough month! - Is there any reason why you need to complete the course so quickly? We recommend that our iGCSE Mathematics students take around 140-160 hours to complete the course, and remember there are many things that you cannot learn from a book, which may take even longer to get your head around!

If you decide to learn from the book, I wish you good luck with your studies, but you should give some serious consideration to learning over a longer period of time!

Matt - LearnOnline
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Yh i agree with that. Its not the time frame thats a worry or the reason for purchase rather i feel the reviews seem excellent and they have a returns policy
Yes it is amazing I have a paperback copy and a electronic copy including all bonuses it it worth every penny best value of anything I have ever brought in my life it tells you exactly how to achieve 100% in the exam and the revision strategy to follow the course is over 4 weeks but that is just because it is a fast track program but i'm using it over a period of 3 months he tells you how to get A* This is what you'll find in the guide:

The same revision schedule Jeevan followed to get an A* in GCSE maths a year early.
The core maths concepts that you need to know as well as dozens of exam questions.
The fatal mistake that thousands of students make in their revision and how you can avoid it
The key ingredients for exam success
The most crucial area in your revision yet it goes widely unnoticed. This is where the A and A* grades are achieved.
3 unique memory retention techniques you can use to remember all you need to know for your exam.
What process to follow a few days before your exam and why there is NO need to do any past papers at this point.
Tips for scoring 100% in your exam.
A simple technique that will allow you to spend up to 50% of your time doing the things you enjoy.
How to revise for all your GCSE subjects and achieve a top grade in each one.
A neat little trick to eliminate stress and anxiety on the day of your exam.
this is legitimate I gurantee if you buy this and follow it strictly there is no doubt you will get A* just follow it to a T i'm doing my 9-1 GCSE maths aqa exam board and have been reasearching revision techniques for a while now his strategy is the best and most efficient this guide tells you exactly how the top students revise you will regret I if you don't buy this trust me.
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Thankyou for the advice ....I did choose to purchase it and have had it for a few weeks now However I am unsure how to fit it in , do you use it alongside your text books and any general advice of how you go about it please
Read the bonuses read the one that says maximse your grade in every GCSE if you are a ks4 student and follow the guide write really REALLY brief notes on each one with examples do the exam style questions without looking at the answer you don't need to get another textbook your main focus is exam questions but for practice on a topic goto
SEE THE WORKSHEETS SECTION on the top of the screen for all the topics aswell as number do the 10 questions check answers if you get them wrong click the new worksheet until you can get them all right twice in a row then after that do 1 pastpaper every 1-2 months and review them see Jeevans main guide from page 169 onwards it tells you exactly HOW to revise and where students go wrong read that then do your pastpapers and follow the advice IT TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO AND WHAT NOT TO DO WITH YOUR PASTPAPERS here are pastpapers : ( just click the link)

Find your exam board don't share this with anyone else please! the guide tells you to study every subject once in 1 week by grouping subjects read on that in how to maximise your result in every Gcse exam. I do Maths on Monday biology and chemistry on Tuesday English language and English literature on Wednesday French on Thursday and physics on Friday aswell as R.E and Graphics on Saturday that way you are doing Maths 4 times a month cover 3 lessons from the book that will take you 5 weeks to complete the foundation and about 3-4 months to complete entire program memorise the shortcuts and exam technique then start the program again to jog your memory and if you can do your pastpapers and get an A* in each one then you are set for the Gcse you will get really good marks. Wishing you the best Remember anyone can achieve 100% in Maths your teachers are dumb don't let them tell you that you can only achieve C or B aim for 100% only no less than 100% nobody is smarter than you it's just how you revise this program shows you the best way to revise study smart not hard! you can use this for A level too Maths is the only subject where it is easy to achieve 100% but students don't realise this they think that they are only capable of 80% or an A or B.
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Thankyou so much
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You are lucky you got the program for 37 pounds it used to be £74 people brought it for far more money than you had to when it first came out it was £200-300 for the whole program with bonuses but he changed his mind and it's free because he wanted to help everyone he even cut the price for me cuz i couldn't afford it.
Is the book for the new spec of the 9-1 gcse maths as well ?
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The new edition available from Amazon a lot cheaper then the prices above says it's now new spec 9-1. Not tried it myself but considering it.
Me and my friend are going to buy it I wish I bought this before because the reviews are positive
Original post by fatz1231
Hey has anyone tried the Jeevan Singh GCSE maths in four weeks guide. It's currently at 37pounds but I wanted to be sure before I buy it

Here on amazon it's £11.99
So it's fine if I buy £11.99 book not the full maths package
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It's worth every penny. I bought for my nephew to help him get those extra points.
hey can you by anyway send me the electonic copy? Please PM me :-)
Original post by highschoolkidxx
hey can you by anyway send me the electonic copy? Please PM me :-)

cn u send me the electronic copy as well pls?
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If you buy this book and bundle directly from Jeevans website it says you have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. Unfortunately when I received my bundle which included the actual book and online access to old pass papers and other so called relevant material I wasn't impressed. If bought from Amazon, I'm sure I could of got a refund. But if you buy directly from Jeevans website, they come out with all kinds of excuses not to give you your money back. The maths, English and Science material that I purchased are less than average with poor diagrams. Just get any standard Oxford or Letts maths book for a fraction of the price. I now have involved my banks fraud department to recover my money as Jeevans team have stopped replying to my emails.

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