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Whats the best way to get back at a nasty neighbour watch

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    Guy used to live in my flat until shortly before I moved in, lives across the road now and kept a key for the garden, he brings his massive dog round that barks (only for him, it never barks with his girflriend or his other housemate) he unlocks the door meaning the schoolkids from the next door high school come in and use it as their den at lunchtime or after school and we have even had drunks and homeless people come in, he brings his dog round before work and since he leaves around 6am he hs woken all 6 flats in my building around 5.30 before once for 3 straight weeks, and sometimes around midnight to 2am when dog wants out despite living nexxt to 2 large fields and 4 minutes walk from massive park

    Aparf from that he uses all 3 spaces for my block of flats for himself, one for his works van, one for his car and other for his flatmates car, he even had barbeques last year in my garden and the rubbish is still there now(in bins of course) and in the past he has never picked up dog mess.

    After over 6 months of the problems I reported him after he laughed in my face and suddenly claimed to speak no English, he was at my door a few days later giving me threats of cutting me up, to watch my back, and accusing me of racism (not realising my grandparents were from the same country as him and I have a foreign surname) and since then I get his friends harass me on street swearing in their language or calling me fatty etc and he got a motorbike recently and keeps revving it up and staring at my window and laughing if he sees me.

    Tonight was a nightmare, he seems to of intentionally waited here as the dog barked for 45 minutes and why would it need a 45 minute walk around my garden, he seems to think now that any complaint made against him comes from me so he has a right to harass me, a neighbour moved out due to his noise waking their toiddler up and such

    I wish I could get a dog of my own and make it bark every time I went past.

    The mad thing is he has a larger garden than me, the only difference is his is more stones and weeds and its not fenced off(his excuse before was the dog could run into road as we are next to one)

    What revenge would you take? If I report him it will just make matters worse.

    For now, keep reporting him and try to get other neighbours to report him as well. If they get frequent reports they're more likely to do something. If reporting him makes things worse, what do you think acts of revenge will do?

    What do you mean "kept a key for the garden"? What's the setup? Is there a lock you could get changed?

    I'm not that creative, so I can't really help with revenge plans. Other than maybe doing something with the dog mess.

    Spray him with a hose containing petrol.
    If he has anymore BBQs he will cause his own death.
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