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Chemistry or History for CompSci? watch

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    Hi guys-
    I've just started Year 12 and I'm doing HL Maths (love it), Physics (really like it usually but we haven't done enough yet of IB HL to know properly if I really like it yet, think I will), History (love it) and Chemistry (sort of like it). I've learnt Java, HTML and CSS and I'm learning Python- I'm going to do my maths coursework and EE as coding projects (I've checked with my teachers that I can) because I would love to study CompSci at uni, it's perfect for me. But it doesn't change the fact that I'm going to have to drop either Chemistry or History to SL at some point. I know it would be better to pick Chemistry but I really love History- how much would Chemistry be worth on my application? Is it worth keeping at Higher even if I'm not as keen on it as I'd like to? What should I do?
    Thanks very much.

    Neither subject is a pre-requisite for University Computer Science to my knowledge, so I'd say pick whichever you think is more interesting and you're likely to get a higher score in. No point in doing Chemistry just for the sake of it, especially if you end up missing your offer by a point or two because it's a pain in the behind to score well in! Nobody will care if you did History or Chemistry but they will care about your total point score.

    Do you feel like you are equally good at both? If so, then I would recommend you keep Chemistry at HL. I say this, because universities love students studying physical sciences before doing CS. It shows they have that clear, logical, scientific mindset. So, Chemistry would probably look a bit better than History.

    HOWEVER, you do already do HL Maths and HL Physics, so I think that is proof enough of your ability to think in a scientific way. Therefore, I think you will still be considered a very strong applicant, regardless of whether you do Chemistry or History as your 3rd HL.

    Conclusion: on a purely rational basis, you should pick Chemistry, but you'll be absolutely fine if you do History.
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