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Is reality a coicendence or Wishful thinking watch

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    I'll start this off with a quote..

    "The universe supports the reality of your beliefs absolutely.
    When you believe you must struggle for abundance,
    then it will bring about situations that are conducive to struggle;
    when you believe you cannot experience love without pain,
    the universe will give you exactly that - love with pain;
    when you believe it takes time for an illness to heal - then so it will.
    There is not a single force opposing you, there is only ONE force supporting you absolutely.
    It is called LOVE, the force that birthed you, that created you in its own image.
    This love is so magnanimous it will give you exactly and absolutely whatever it is that your reality entails.
    Change your beliefs and you change your reality."
    ~ Author Unknown ~

    Do you think that' we can change what happens to us ,,for example if you want a girlfriend and you manifest that thought then one day you meet a girl who is what you wanted in the most coincedental way but you didn't realise..
    Do the things that come to us is just the way the universe plans out our destinies by the way we think and what we do or are we just horny beings with a brain that wants money and is put into a world where mass media,food.money is controlled and we just carry on our lives accepting the reality we are given to...sorry not given 'brainwashed'.

    We are NOT our brains. Our brains are composed of meat, like the rest of us, and our brains will rot along with the rest of our body when we die. Our brains are an organ in of our bodies, that allows us to interpret the material world we live in with our five senses. Sometimes our brains malfunction. They are after all, simply (or maybe not so simply) computers, capable of being programmed.So, if we are not our brains, then whence come our thoughts? We have a consciousness. Our consciousness 'was' before we were born and 'will continue to be' once we have departed. Our consciousness is our Soul's areness of its own existence. But because we think with our brains, we are fooled into believing that our brains are the origin of our thoughts. Not So! Our soul is the origin of our Mind (consciousness), with the brain being the tool.Our subconscious mind is the part of us that creates our realities for us according to our beliefs. It does not distinguish between what it is 'told' is true and real, and what 'is' true and real. It just does as it is bid. So if you say (with belief) "I am slim" for instance, that is what is your subconscious believes and will manifest for you.

    The Art Of Manifestation
    "The 'Art' of Manifestation is really not based on talent and skill,but the simple recognition of the most fundamental universal law. The Universe supplies exactly and absolutely what you perceive your reality to be, that is to say, what you believe in. If your appeal is "I want ...", then it gives you precisely that, more of WANT, and not WHAT you want, for your reality is that you WANT. Rather, state the most powerful words in existence: "I AM...", and then add what you perceive yourself to be and KNOW that it already IS. Do not hope or wish for - simply know that it already IS and give thanks. The immediacy of the intended manifestation is in direct proportion to the FEELING with which you charge your thoughts and words. As you still believe in time, it may take a little time to translate into the physical, but it MUST manifest. "
    ~ Author Unknown ~
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