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    I will be applying to Uni in 2017. I was just wondering as I have looked everywhere and cannot understand anything....
    What does NHS funded mean? Does this mean I don't need to get a loan to cover the cost of Uni? So my course will technically be free?
    Can I remain on ESA while I study? If not how do I pay for myself through the entrie three years?
    I am in a council flat at the moment? Will I still be entitled to housing benefit? If not what other support is there?
    I have a fiancée so if I have to move hed have to move with me as I live together? Would I be able to get a student flat?

    Some more information. I don't have kids. My partner doesn't have a job (this may or may not change). My course is hopefully in John Moors Liverpool and will be a full time course (Mental Health Nurse).

    Also any more info on finances would be great. Thanks.


    Don't worry the system can be very confusing

    The NHS will pay for your tuition fees, and will provide a bursary for you whilst you study, so yes it will technically be free.
    The bursary you receive depends entirely on your circumstances, they have a calculator which should help indicate what you'd be entitled to, see http://www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/816.aspx for more info. In addition to the bursary there is now a £1000 nhs grant available to all new students (this does not have to be paid back).

    The ESA and housing benefit again depends on your circumstances, it will only continue if you are also in receipt of DLA/PIP.
    If you are in receipt of DLA/PIP you can continue to receive ESA and HB, however the amount of ESA will be reduced in line with how much bursary you will receive. If you do not receive DLA/PIP then you will no longer be entitled to ESA and HB. See http://www.disabilityrightsuk.org/ho...tions-students.

    For example, I became ill in my 2nd year of MHN course and had to withdraw from the course for a year to recover. In that time I claimed PIP, ESA and HB. I am now about to enter my finial year and as I now receive PIP, I can continue to receive ESA and HB when at uni, aswell as a bursary of £320 pm from the NHS (based on my parents income). ESA then deducts this from my payments, so before uni I received £500 pm ESA and I now get £180 pm. With the bursary I am in exactly the same finical position.

    It is worth noting that for the first two years of my course I only received the bursary of £320 pm and was not entitled to any other benefits. This was not enough to live off, so I worked part time as an Health Care Assistant for my local NHS trust. They are very flexible and like employing student nurses, and with a 0 hours contract I was not tied into set hours so could work as much or as little as needed. It also provided me with more experience of mental health work and improved my skills. Agencys and bar work is also a good alternative. So even if your ESA and HB is stopped you may still be able to afford it (though it willl be tight at times).

    Also as your course starts after 2012 you will also be entitled to a reduced student maintenance loan, see https://www.gov.uk/nhs-bursaries/what-youll-get. I started in 2011 so am not entitled to this and so know little about it.

    I was able to get a student flat with my bf, but at the time he was also a student. I do not think you could get one together without him studying. However you could of course private rent, this is what I do now as my bf has graduated. Tbh this actually works out cheaper for us than any of our student places.

    I wish you the best and hope you get accepted, MHN is a very rewarding career and I must say I have greatly enjoyed my course so far.

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    Okay thank you. I have been trying to get onto PIP for about a year but they keep saying they'll "ring me" and I always end up missing it and when I say to them they need to give me a time they never do. They are also saying I have been disallowed my PIP claim as I didnt get the forms back in time. Could I just as to be given new forms and make a new claim?

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