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Tell me about your best friend! watch

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    I've (F/21) never had one and I want to know what it's like!

    Who are they? How did y'all meet? When did you realise that they were The One friendship-wise? What's the biggest thing that you've ever done or would do for them (and vice-versa)? Is it really like it is in the movies? Tell me everything!


    I've never had one either Not one I'd call my 'best' friend, anyway. So, I too would like to know


    My best friend(s) are twins. We met in year 7 where our parents saw eachother in the queue and they went to school together so got talking so I started talking with the twins.

    Realised they were my best mates when we used to do things together all the time, played the same games, had the same humor, found the same activities fun.

    Biggest thing I've done would be to improve their confidence. For example, they used to be scared of talking to girls but by leading by example and introducing them to many they learnt that there is nothing to be worried about.
    What I would do for them hmmm, most things. I would back them in a fight, I would take the blame for something if it's not major :P ...if you're asking would I die for them. No. I'd die for no one but immediate family.

    I don't watch many best friend movies but if we look at 21 Jump Street or Rush Hour movies it's like that with a little less arguing and more laughing :P

    General notes:
    They are fun to be around. You always know you have someone to do crazy/adventurous things with. People you can teach and learn from. And most importantly for me, people I can spend a whole day with talking non-stop and having the most funny times. Never boring

    Dont have a best friend
    I have two close friends and they are my besties
    I tell them almost everything :lol:
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