Applying DPhil for 2016/2017 cycle, possible to start in January? Watch

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Hey all! I just completed a MSc at Oxford and had applied for DPhil (albeit pretty late as the program was still open to applications). I sent my application in before the ultimate 31 August deadline but my referees unfortunately sent their letters in late. My application is, therefore, not going to be considered for the 2015/2016 cycle. But I was wondering, since I had found a supervisor willing to take me on as a graduate student, if I applied early during the 2016/2017 cycle, could I possibly start in January 2016? I've been told by DPhil friends at Oxford, a DPhil, although technically starts with the official term dates, can be started at anytime. Does anyone know if this is possible or has ever happened? Specifically (and just to reiterate) applying for 2016/2017 cycle and starting in January.

TL;DR - Applying for DPhil in 2016/17 cycle, and wondering, if applying early, can start in January 2016.
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My understanding is that it is possible to begin early but would need to be driven by your new department as something they wanted to happen. As the deadline for 2016/17 applications isn't until mid-January, it's hard to imagine that they would be able to get your application through all the necessary processes in time for you to formally register that month.

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