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Should i do gcse c maths or it's eqivalent watch

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    i have been doing GCSE maths since year school and through out college for 2 years I'm still not able to pass it to get grade C. Im always getting D but that doesn't mean I'm not cleaver maths just isn't my thing or its just nerves that i can't perform well. Im very good at science and always been good at it and will be studying biomedical science this October.
    i have been accepted with a grade D but i will try and do something about it. i don't know if i should risk it again and take the november exam or just do a functional skills level 2 GCSE instead. I don't want that GCSE maths to come back to me again in future because i am quite ambitious.
    i feel like a failure because i can't pass the exam.

    I know exactly how your feeling I got a D in Maths and I was unable to study nursing this year because of it-I felt like a failure because like you I have ambitions to become a mental health nurse but I thought that me not being able to get a C in maths will hinder that.
    Tbh these pass few months have been hard what with family pressure to go to uni and how some people in my family labelled me as lazy and a failure and it got me down.
    But I've decided to not let negative feelings get in my way every day I tell myself I'm going to make it and prove them all wrong.
    I'm retaking my maths GCSE plus I'm going to do edexcel functional skills maths level 2 cause its free at my local college but if I'm not eligible I will do the exam privately.
    Sorry I was rambling on about myself the best advice I can give you is to have a back up plan retake your maths GCSE and see if you can do a level 2 functional skills exam-at least that way you will probably have a level 2 qualification.
    Please don't let maths bring you down or make you think your thick, think of the other qualities you have and think about all the achievements you have already gained.
    I mean think about Lord Sugar he owns multiple businesses and is worth £770 million and he doesn't even have any qualifications let alone a C in maths GCSE
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    Thank you so much for that at least someone understands me too.

    Yes I will try and do a functional skills level 2 as well just in case. But I'm sitting the November exam for GCSE and I'm determined to get that C this time.
    I'm doing the exam privately any revision tips or useful materials you can suggest will be appreciated.

    Erm i bought a level 2 functional skills maths level 2 cgop from.amazon and I bought Jeevan's Singh gcse pass book has helped me as well and just do practice papers thats what I've been doing and Ive been getting better mars every time I do a paper.
    At least revise 1 hr a day. or more or create a revision timetable.
    Good Luck
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