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    Hi i have just started on the student room and was wondering if i could get some advice.

    So this year i am in year 10 and have picked my GCSE options which are:

    ...along with the main core...
    English language
    english literature
    HIgher tier maths
    religous education

    so far i have just gone into to school for a few days and am already stressed about about my spanish. I had my first spanish lesson this year and am worried because my teacher told us that last year it was really tough and a couple of students didnt even do the exam as it was so hard and failed, and the students said they cant do it. And after that i am doing the homework she set me and am thinking that it was too hard for me, even though she taught the stuff today. so thinking long term i only have about fourty lessons for this year along with lots of contolled assesments and coursework that are for my final level,

    so right now i am thinking of switching my options, (hopefully it isnot to late) and i was thinking of changing to design technology as i have always been good at it and top of my class but i had always thought that in the future a lanugage qualifucation even if i dont take it for a level will still be helpful rather than design technology.

    In the future i would like to become an accountant then slowly create my own business.

    please help as if too what i should switch too or just please give me advice as i need it ASAP

    thank you

    If I am honest, you have only started doing Spanish and Im assuming that you are new to it. There is nothing wrong with finding something difficult and i would say that you should stay with spanish. DT will require a lot of coursework which is more time consuming as that is majority of the GCSE. Spanish on the other hand does have coursework but your teacher marks it and shows you where to improve then you do the controlled assessment which is basically where you memorise what you wrote on a piece of paper then your teacher marks it for you. Its the same with speaking but you just say what you wrote instead of write it.

    Spanish is all about vocabulary mainly so when you are given new words just revise them and test yourself. You will probably get vocab tests during the year.

    Dont panic! You will be fine and also if you need extra help you can always talk to your teachers

    It depends on what you're more interested in.
    I didn't do either Spanish or D.T., but I did do French and Graphic Products
    For me, French was harder in terms of content and graphics was a lot easier but more time consuming (I spent about 100+ hours over about 1.5 years doing coursework to get full marks on it)
    I was interested in both equally as much (but tried harder in graphics) and got an A* in graphics and a B in French.
    Nobody else can make the decision for you so you just need to weigh up the pros and cons for each and see for yourself :yes:
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Updated: September 8, 2015

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