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BEggining of AS level physics work watch

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    Hey all

    So ive been set a homework for tomorrow and for the most part it is rather straightforward. However, this one question has me stumped, and its annoying me as i feel it should be straightforward.

    An athlete is performing a long jump.
    at takeoff his horizontal speed is 8.0m/s and his vertical speed is 2.8m/s

    a) show that the total time the athlete spends in the air is about 0.6 seconds, assuming his centre of gravity is at the same height at take off and landing

    Now, i feel as if this question has something to do with to do with the fact that he is accelerating upwards at 2.8m/s and gravity pulling him down at 9.81m/s having an affect on the time, but im not 100% sure on how to show that the athlete spends 0.6 seconds in the air using the data given to me.


    EDIT: Turns out i am an idiot, with a little further looking i got it.
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Updated: September 8, 2015
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