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Hello everyone,

I'm an Italian graduate in Physical Engineering,
I have just moved to England where I should start the Euromasters programme in Electronic Engineering.
I also applied to Queen Mary University for the Sound and Music Computing Msc and I was accepted. I initially preferred Surrey over QM because (from what I heard) it had better campus facilities (especially labs), and overall a better reputation for EE studies across the UK.
Also, my particular Msc consists in a two year programme, the first one being taught programme and the second one spent partly as a placement in industry, and partly to research and make projects in Surrey labs. I thought it would have increased much my graduate employability prospects and would have given me a more all-round preparation.

That being said, after having spent almost two weeks in London, I'm now
very much reconsidering being at Queen Mary, because of its location in east London. I think the area has a really vibrant atmosphere, also it would be so much easier to live in since my girlfriend is going to stay there and I could share my flat with her.

Overall I get the feeling that Surrey would be better for univ. facilities and it would be an overall more relaxed and sheltered environment, whereas Queen Mary would be better for experiencing London (the place in which I would certainly like to work after my studies) but if I reconsider my choiche would it matter much in terms of jobs prospects/didactics?

Sorry for the long post,
but I realy need your opinion!

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