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    Recently started college, naturally I've met a few girls and they're all really nice, but there was a girl in school I never asked out and she's intelligent, confident and very attractive (most attractive girl of my age I've seen, my type perhaps not everyone's). We talked a little but never loads cause we didn't share any friends really. Was funny and a little flirty.

    Problem is I never see her now cause we do different lessons at different times and I don't want to seem creepy, like why would I start taking an interest now we're in college? I wanna do something because even though I'm not the tallest, or most attractive I can treat her how she deserves. Just need any advice on getting to speak to her.

    Should I be honest, abrupt and upfront or talk to her a bit? Never thought I'd feel this way about a girl to be honest :confused:

    When you see her during lunch or after college, get her number and you'll be able to talk more that way. Or invite her out somewhere. Or both. If you're thinking, 'what if she thinks I'm creepy' you're doing a disservice to both you (calling yourself a creep) and her (she'd find talking to a friend creepy).

    It won't be a big deal (it definitely won't be as big of a deal as you might make it out in your head. It's just a number, not her address and bank details).

    Have fun though. hope you're enjoying it
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    Okay, you have two options.
    Option One: Go For It
    1. Just ask her out.
    2. Make it romantic. Somewhere nice. If she accepts, she's definitely interested.

    Option Two: Cautious Approach
    1. Find a reason that you need to meet up. Subtle excuses include:
    - Study group (you can't focus at home, does she want to join you in a free?)
    - Lunch (the people you normally sit with are staying in over break, is it okay if you sit with her?)
    - Can't find a specific room/location (does she know where student finance is?)
    - Want help with a project (especially in photography or subjects where her opinion might be needed)

    1A. For even more subtle options, ask a group of people to an event and include her in it. Repeat 1/1A as necessary.
    2. If she accepts, continue to find reasons. Try not to repeat the same reason, unless as a study group. This gives you time to decide whether or not she likes you.
    3. After an appropriate amount of time, refer to option one.
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