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    Basically, nothing with me ever runs smoothly...

    I started my university career at the University of Bedfordshire studying Event Management. I did not like the course or location, so after gaining a 2:1 in my first year, I opted to transfer. I chose Brighton due it's reputation for my degree area, closeness to home and opportunity to take a placement year.

    After completing my second year at Brighton, I chose to re-take the year, (basically I should have started a fresh and studied first year) as I felt I needed to get used to the teaching methods, and it would also mean I was in the same cohort, as I lived in halls, so would then be with my friends, as apposed to a bunch of people I don't know (you know how clickly students are, especially in a course like this!) Re-taking was a great option, as my grades improved, my attendance improved, and my general academic performance improved.

    However I failed one tiny essay, and was allowed to retake it during the summer. I did, and to the best of my ability, yet I still failed it. Its a piece of work I have now taken three times in three years. It's clearly an area I have issues with, however I passed the exam just fine.

    I gained a once in the life time opportunity to take my placement year in America, where I flourished working within a luxury hotel. My tutor even came to visit to asses my performance, and instruct me on my placement project, which I am well on the way to completing ready for December.

    After four years in higher education, I am excited to finally finish my degree, and graduate from Brighton University, however the university have informed me I have not met the standards to progress onto my final year, and have withdrawn me from the course, and awarded me a Diploma in Higher a Education.

    I need to come back this September. My Student Finance is sorted, I have organised and paid for a house in Eastbourne, and have changed my work schedule to fit around my studies.

    What are my options?

    Am I able to Have the credits awarded to me, so that I can progress onto the final year. I know this is possible as a number of my fellow students have been through this in second year.

    I'm even willing to retake this piece of work one final time alongside my final year studies, if this is an option.

    I could also apply for the Top Up degree, which require a foundation degree of a DoHE, which I now have apparently. If they can accept that for a top up degree, which is the third year of the same degree, why won't they let me progress normally?

    I can't spend four years in higher education and not complete my degree.

    I'vs contacted my course leader and the exams department to work out what options are available, however I wondered if anyone had any experience/advice.

    I'm absolutely distraught and upset about this.
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    Apologies for the long post...

    Hey! Sorry to read about your misfortune here. I may be facing a similar fate next week at Brighton Uni.

    Can I ask who your course tutors are? You need to demand to see someone higher up, the lead of the events department and maybe even the dean. If you have worked hard and made every effort you can, they cannot ruin someones future just like that.

    One piece of coursework cannot be THAT important. What percentage was the coursework compared to the exam? I mean of the overall module mark?

    I actually attended the international events course in September 2013 and then in February 2014 broke my ankle in 4 places and I had a very serious surgery. There was discussion of amputating my leg below my knee. When I informed the university just a few days later of what had happened and that my recovery process was going to take 12 weeks and I now needed some support to get me through finishing the year - I was literally told to leave the course by my tutor.. despite having completed high standard work until then, they simply could not be bothered with me. After a few weeks of arguing with them I decided to leave the course. In September 2014 I started a law degree, still at Brighton. I have wanted to be a lawyer since I was 12! So it worked out as the best thing for me in the end but even now I am still struggling with my injury, I am scheduled for a second repair surgery.

    The course tutors have been extremely unsupportive so far, not one email to check how you are managing!

    Anyway - what I was trying to get at is that I have had troubles this year, I am working to a first class standard and took a couple of exams for the first time at the start of September. I am awaiting the results next week and if I fail (terrible at exams) I have been told I won't be given a second chance even though other students have had two attempts. If they withdraw me, my life will literally be in shambles too. If it happens, I am going to fight it until they agree to let me continue!
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