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Introvert having trouble adjusting to residence watch

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    I'm currently in the library right now. Thankfully they have a quiet study area, so I'm able to get some peace of mind for the time being. Here's the issue though:

    For as long as I can remember, I've always loved quiet. My brother and I both have very sensitive hearing, which we've actually have had testing for. Both times my family moved we went further away from the city and more towards nature and quiet. Sure, I do get out and talk to people (I'm very close and still am to my group of 8 high school friends).

    Parties have never been my thing. The last 'real' party I went to was four years ago. Before any of you say that I'm wasting my life and that I should go and get out, it just isn't for me. I also don't like alcohol (but that isn't much of an issue because people tend to understand). I much prefer civil conversations with one to three other people max.

    My issue is that it's just too loud here. There are always parties going on except in the morning and during the midday when people are in classes. The smokers have taking a liking to going right below my window, although tonight I'll probably just ask them to go somewhere else. The I know it's a bit extreme right now because these kids are finally off living on their own without their parents to enforce a curfew (not to mention the course load really hasn't kicked in yet).

    Nevertheless, I'm worried for the future. I was nearly constantly surrounded by people for two weeks several months before on a trip, never really getting any time alone. I have tried both headphones and earplugs

    I really miss silence. I can go off campus and into a small forest kind of thing along a river, but it's not really enough. I need time alone in my room in order to study and recharge afterwards. I do go out and talk to people during the day, but after 7:30 or 8 I'm done and I need silence away from people in order to recuperate.

    It's barely been a week and I'm getting to be so stressed out and tired that I'm considering calling back my other choice of university and seeing if they'll accept me. I've done some research and it seems like the parties are a bit less there. Furthermore, on the housing application for my other choice they had a noise level preference. I did ask for an alcohol free room thinking it would be better, but that just really meant I got paired with 17-year olds and people who applied to housing too late to get a normal room. There is a long hallway in which all residents go to a party room which is a ways down so they make noise going down there. At quiet hours (which are really late in my book) people are still bumbling in yelling profanities and laughing obnoxiously. All three rooms which flank mine have people who like to throw parties, and walking down the hallway it seems like getting a room transfer wouldn't help too much. The other first-year residence has the same problem.

    Anyways, how did you introverted types adapt? How did you find like-minded individuals to interact with so you don't waste away in the library? Clubs start up next week so I'm hoping to find some people there, but we'll see.

    Subbing... I'll probably need this thread this time next year.
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    It's perfectly normal for this to happen and for you to feel this way. You're right in thinking that the campus could get considerably louder soon.

    Reading your thread, it would seem that halls potentially aren't for you. Have you looked at student house shares or moving into a professional flat share/house share? Student accommodation are likely to let you go as there'll be a waiting list for halls. These tend to be a bit quieter and might be better suited for you.


    Well, it's freshers at the moment so people are always worse at the beginning and it tends to be quite mad for the first week as everyone has just left home and they tend to get over excited! It usually calms down after a few weeks or so you could try and stick it out for a bit...

    on the other hand though you are staying in student halls, sorry but it's never going to be silent. Halls are supposed to be reasonably social so if you are quite introverted I don't think they are the ideal place for you. Shared houses or even some of the quieter private halls would be better for you.

    You need to talk to your halls manager if you want to leave though, quite often they tell you that you have to find someone to take over your tenancy. Another thing to consider is that after a month or so, the staff who run your halls might have an idea of which flats are quieter and which flats are the known "party flats" and you could see if there is a possibility to swap.
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