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I dont know whether to stay or end things with him watch

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    Ive been going out with a guy for the past 6 or 7 months, weve had some really great times and done lots of fun things together and I have enjoyed being with him. But recently I have had mixed feelings towards him.

    To give you a bit of context, before him id only ever kissed a couple of people, had never had a proper friend and id just had a fall out with friends so mainly hung out with his friends - a big group with a mix of boys and girls. Ive become really close with everyone, especially the girls and spend every lunch break (im doing my a levels) and most weekends with them all if im not with him. Looking back a lot of the fun has included them all.

    Hes a very sweet person and I do enjoy being with him most the time but he can be whiny and tempremental leaving me feeling like his mum. Hes also very touchy feely and likes public displays of affection, I however do not, I find it hard to even hold his hand out and about of give him a kiss but I dont know why this is. IIsve wondered if its just me being stupid but ive also thought that it could be because im concious of the fact he is noticeably shorter than me and friends that havent met him always pick up on the fact that he looks young... like 12 years old young. And call me vain or harsh but these things do upset me and stay in my head and when imwalking down the road with him I do wonder if people think im walking with my little brother.

    Sexually he can pressure me sometimes to do things I dont want to do but I always told myself I love him and should do it for him, im now realising thats stupid. I lost my virginity to him as well. Im now watching my friends at parties and seeing them meet new people and having the excitement of that first kiss and im realising im missing that a lot. Ive also been thinking about another guy a bit, not in a proper fancying way but just wondering how different it would be if I was with him.

    But I fear for what will happen if I ended thungs with him. Ill have to be the one to step away from our friends because theh were his first. Ill lose a social life and having someone to talk to and spend time with. I really like his family and would lose seeing them too. I would lose him. But is it best? I would miss him and probably always have a soft spot for him as we know everyting about eachother and have shared so many life experiences together but is that a reason to stay, I dont know.

    Please help me straighten my head and give me advice on what to do! Should I stick it out and see what happens? Or just end it now?

    I think you've already made your decision.

    Pressuring you sexually????

    Dump him NOW!

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    He sounds like a wet fish. Unless you're a fish, I would dump him.
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