description of the scene outside of school at hometime?

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Hiya this is my first time using TSR and I am enjoying it because its good and useful. I will need to write a description of a scene outside of school at hometime. i am struggling to start and carry on so plz if u guys can reply and help me it would mean a lot I need to include everything such as the 5 senses, alliteration, onomateapia and all the descriptive devices u could think of. I will check this often hoping to get a reply ASAP as I need it for Monday and need to show it in my Tuition class today at 3 hoping to get a reply asap between now and till 3 thanks. adjective and all..
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I may not be the best person to reply, English is not one of my sucessful subjects. But anyway if I got asked to descirbe the scene outside a school at hometime the first thing I would do is try to imagine it.
So for example I imagine the school, the building, doors and gates. Then there is likely lots of students walking between these. So that's for sight. Have a think and imagine what you can hear, smell, taste and touch then write it down. If it helps then add in another step, go from imagine to write down rough notes or ideas then do it into sentances. That's what I do even for posts like here because I can't think of ideas and make a sentance that makes sence, has good spelling etc before I forget the ideas.

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