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    I've got to decide by the 17th whether or not I want to change my AS subject choices, but I want to do it on Monday so it gives me enough time to understand and catch up if I did decide to change. I'm currently doing AS Ethics and Philosophy, however I am debating whether to change to Sociology.

    For background information: I got an A grade overall at GCSE, with an A* in the Ethics exam and A in Philosophy. I loved taking it for GCSE, and while I knew AS Level would be different and more intellectually challenging, it is not at all what I expected - the units we are studying are boring and I don't find a spark in the classes like I did, actually I think I'm falling behind in terms of what the point of the course is about. The EP exam board is OCR, the Sociology exam board is AQA.

    Future uses of the subjects: I want to do an undergraduate degree in Law, Criminology, International Law or something along those lines in order to get to a post graduate degree of Counter Terrorism. The CT post grad I'm looking at doesn't have any specific requirements apart from certain grades, but subjects useful are Law, History or PHILOSOPHY - something which I wouldn't take at degree level anyway.

    My academic skills: I spoke to many of my teachers who say that the amount of revision I did at GCSE will be sufficient to get good grades at AS/A2, as I started revising 3/4 months before hand with an hour after school at school every night as well as 2 hours at home. As previously mentioned, I received an A for Ethics and Philosophy GCSE, A* in the Ethics examination and A in the Philosophy examination. I have not taken Sociology before.

    Pros of Ethics and Philosophy:
    -I've taken it before, raised an Anglican and went to a Catholic primary school so am aware of religion and background information
    -I enjoy learning about the units relating to Crime, War, Justice and Punishment
    -It might be useful getting into Uni

    Cons of Ethics and Philosophy:
    -I find the current units in BOTH (Ethics - Absolutism/Relevatism, Philosophy - Plato and Aristotle) boring and I don't really understand the point of the Ethics - I get the definitions but I don't understand the theories and whole... depth of it.
    -Not really what I expected - I thought we would do (and what the website said we would do...) Crime, War, Punishment, a lot of the GCSE content in depth. Not Greek philosophy or anything like that.
    -My argument: If I'm not interested in it, I'll have no will or desire to study the subject and therefore do badly, plus when I leave A2 for Uni I'll never remember anything. On the other hand, as I know a lot of the religious aspect already, I won't have to revise as much.

    Pros of Sociology:
    -I'm interested in it, always have been.
    -It's a new start and a subject fresh in my mind, never previously studied, meaning I will focus on it solely.
    -I will remember it (continuing the argument, if I'm genuinely interested in something I will remember it - take my other AS subjects - Spanish, obviously I will remember it as I want to use it for travel and will hopefully be fluent in a few years time, English Language - obviously I speak English and would need to apply A Level skill to degrees in any subject anyway, and Music Technology - something which has been a passion since birth and I do as a hobby - not likely to forget that either.)

    Cons of Sociology:
    -It might involve moving my timetable around, meaning some Music Technology specialised lessons may be cancelled
    -I haven't done it before therefore I might find it harder than expected
    -I might not like it and be in the same position

    As you can see I'm in a bit of a sticky wicket. My heart's telling me Sociology, my head's saying wait and see... HELP!
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    Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you’ve posted in the right place? Posting in the specific Study Help forum should help get responses.

    I'm going to quote in Tank Girl now so she can move your thread to the right place if it's needed. :yy:

    (Original post by Tank Girl)
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    Thank you haha and yeah I thought I did but obviously not!

    Posted from TSR Mobile

    I have done both AS Philosophy (though this was pure philosophy not P+E which is slightly 'easier' and AS Sociology for prior reference.

    In Sociology on AQA the units we learnt were Family & Households which can be a tad boring, Education, & Methods. From what it seems, it's probably best you take a look at doing Sociology because if you are /already/ fed up of Philosophy these will be an incredibly difficult 2 years for you. And whilst Philosophy is regarded as one of the most difficult Arts subjects to take at A Level (and as a consequence - more favourable for Law undergrads), Sociology still requires key essay skills and as long as your personal statement in 2 yrs time shows your commitment to Law it shouldn't be an issue.

    In 2nd yr Sociology you study Crime & Deviance, Theory (functionalism, feminism, marxism, symbolic interactionalism etc.) and Beliefs which seems to be appealing to yourself based on what you've written.

    As a final note, please don't ever pick sociology with the presumption it will be easy. I myself never found AS that difficult, but I know a great number of people in my class struggled so much with it and did very poorly in January exams (when we still had them). A2 seems to be a lot harder.. naturally.
    i) Please check with your college what topics you do for sociology...they might do diff ones for all I know but eh.

    ii) In my own experience a lot of people go into philosophy with the wrong impression of how much they'll enjoy the subject and drop it. THe first time I did AS Philosophy we went from ~20 people to ~11 by October and now (I'm resitting it) in the first week we've already lost 3 people who disliked the course and I know of another who is dropping too. It's honestly an astoundingly common sight at my college.
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