How can I do well at A-Level history? Watch

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I was expecting an A/A* in gcse history, but got a B overall (AAC in the exams and coursework - but these were all low a's and c's). It's really knocked my confidence because I love history a lot and it's the only subject I got a B in (I got all a's and a*'s in the rest). I have a quite slow processing mind so sometimes I wont get everything first go (because I am autistic). I'm really beginning to doubt myself, but I wouldn't want to take anything else. I've started my a-levels and everything is going okay, but I would really like some tips on how to do well and build up my confidence. The scariest thing was that I felt I did really well in the exams in my history gcse, but ended up doing worse than usual. I'm really enjoying the lessons, but learning is not always my strong point. My other A-Levels are maths, biology and psychology which are all going well too.
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Hey kittykatieboo, I see that you are quite shocked and everything but that's okay. I am currently studying History at Oxford, and have managed to get an A* in A Level History and an A* in GCSE. I always loved history my whole life as you do, I'm sure. The first thing is, History is these subjects which you need to go in depth in explaining and evaluating things. It also needs you to remember a lot of information and facts fully depending on which exam board you are doing, which isn't hard because it basically follows the curriculum specification meaning that they wouldn't do something for students which is impossible. In history you need to use good English Language and be better at essay writing, giving many different sides of an argument and in general going in depth about a key fact. I recommend you revising English essay writing structure at the same time as learning History and its facts as both go together and will result you in a immediate A* if you are able to show that you understand what your doing and that your fluent in what your learning about, including talking about facts in History and giving many different things relating with one fact to show you understand this key factual date. I hope I helped! Please reply if you have any further concerns!

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