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When I applied to UoM I chose Biomedical Sciences as my degree, then around March/April I realised I didn't want to do that and after emailing the university for advice they suggested I switch to Life Sciences because I was unsure which direction I want to take my study and I would have a non-specialised course. (Paraphrasing here.)

Anyhoo, I've since realised that my enthusiasm lies with infectious disease (nice), particularly studying them and finding prevention, treatment and cure. I believe this would come under Microbiology (I'm thinking bacteria, viruses and fungi), and after checking out the course units and the credit system I've found that all 4 of my optional modules with Life Sciences would be taken up by taking the mandatory units in Microbiology - so I might as well switch to that now and save myself the hassle later, plus I don't want to miss the introductory sessions and meeting my classmates.

The problem is last time I switched they just edited my information through UCAS, but I'm moving in in 2 days and I'm fully registered under Life Sciences now. I can't be the only person who decides to change course after registering - in fact in my interview I was told I'd be able to change course after the first year, so that was kind of the point of coming here!

Is it fairly simple? Will I be a huge annoyance to whoever has to correct this information? Do you think they'll have any problem with it? (Bear in mind, I'm not changing faculty and my modules are almost identical.) Thanks for any help/reassurance you can give me xxx
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From what I can tell from the course pages Microbiology only has one extra compulsory module ("Microbes, Man and the Environment"), the rest are shared with Life Sciences. It also, as you mentioned, says that the nature of the first year allows you to transfer between courses quite easily. So I imagine you would be able to switch at the end of the year without too much trouble.

If you're certain you want to change to Microbiology and stick to it, you might as well ask now as you have nothing to lose. They'll be able to tell you what the best course of action is.

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