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(To start, apologises if this rant is expressed poorly - I'm simply frustrated and need unbias advice). I am a 14 yr old boy living with my single mum. A typical example situation goes like this - I make a genuine mistake eg i forgot something minor, she then will jump to conclusions, assuming I'm being "rebellious". Not asking questions, she yells at me. I try to explain what really happened but before I can even finish she doesn't listen and gives me an unnecessary punishment just to prove her authority. Its easy to see when she knows shes wrong when she results in saying "dont argue back" - she usually would then base my punishment for the fact that I was "arguing" instead of her original point.

Ironically, despite that I am the youngest child, it is strongly evident that I am less favoured and treated differently than my OLDER sister. In the same situation, my mum would be all loving and caring saying "okay darling". I am always given the hardest or most annoying house cleaning task, rarely it will be equivalent to my sisters. If I dare question my mum I will be ignored or told to stop "arguing". In any granted situation, my sister manipulates my mum against me. She will ALWAYS take my sister's side, again giving me a punishment before I can even explain myself and inevitably be deemed "rude" and "argumentative".

I feel maybe there is a huge miscommunication problem which usually angers me which then escalates the problem further. What should I do?

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